Beyond the Horizon - Arcona/Plagueis Cooperative Event: Signups


Beyond the Horizon - Arcona/Plagueis Cooperative Event: Signups

New System for Signups!

Arconans and Plagueians,

As a result of the confusion that has occurred as a result of the below post, we have decided to implement a NEW SYSTEM FOR SIGNUPS, rather than through the below email.

Instead, we request that all individuals wishing to sign up within the Beyond the Horizons Event (whether you have done so already or not) please fill out the form which can be found: HERE!!!

Please complete all sections of the form, unless otherwise stated.

You may notice that there is an additional part of the form at the bottom which accommodates for already decided groups. This is so that the groups who have already emailed their selections to the below email are able to list their selections again within this form so as to ensure they stay together.

I understand this may be a little confusing to some, and we apologise. But the form sign up is a trusted, easy and manageable way to organise teams.

So, for the sake of it, one last time: do not use the email signup system announced below, instead use the signup form which can be found: HERE!!!

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing you all participate on the 25th!

_In Darkness,

Wuntila Entar Arconae,

Consul of Clan Arcona._

I really don't understand what the concern with the email was...? But nonetheless side I'm not in either units its not my concern. Good luck to everyone, be interesting to see as the first launched how you guys do.

There were a number of individuals who did not quite understand what they were meant to do. This way, people can show their interest and give us the ability to form them into teams a lot more efficiently should any individuals sign up late/be left over.

Also because it increases the chance of the teams being slightly fairer, while also forcing more people out of their comfort zone by trying to put them with people they might not otherwise have teamed with.

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