Executing Order 66


Executing Order 66

First: Happy new year. :)

Second: housecleaning. The mass AWOL started. You have all been sent a mail with info. Basically: click a link. That's it.

EDIT: there seems to be some issue with the mail function. a large batch was sent without text. Please hold while we fix this issue.

I feel the issue with blank emails deserves the question be asked:

What is wrong with RMs (or another summiter) doing a manual AWOL check?

this has been answered many times. ;)

this is to make sure all units are on the same footing when (for example: when there are large events). some clean beforehand, some do not. some leave certain people exempt, some do not.

this way also gives us a good measure of how certain units are doing in terms of member retention.

one bug is not a reason to switch back to manual.

bleh. Bimonthly awol checks. Stop being lazy korras.

Also, this got marked as spam for me, so people may want to be aware.

Also, back when we had the RMs doing AWOLs (back when i was an RM) we were told by the summit to not include anyone above EQ-3. Which made the rosters appear larger then they were. people holding clan names were also to not be included.

“Good work today, gentlemen,” Jedi Knight Sav Robel said above the din of the thunderstorm, shaking wet hands with nearby clone troopers. “While not the most glorious—but certainly the wettest and loudest—of missions, small victories add up.”

A trooper stared at him as the rain walloped his helmet. “As do small defeats.” Another thundering boom rattled the troopers's helmets.

The Knight nodded. “Indeed, Jenth-Two. Indeed. Mistakes are self-made defeats. Add enough together and the enemy need only arrive and we fall. We made a couple mistakes—I don't need to name names—but luckily they were not fatal.” A few helmets turned their gaze away from the Jedi.

“Sir,” Wesk-Four said, his monotone vocoded voice barely audible amidst the thunder peels, “we need to get to shelter. Communications with headquarters are spotty at best. This storm is intensifying and could become dangerous to—“ A tripe lightning strike nuked a tree on the ridge to their west, interrupting and confirming his statement.

“Agreed. Qek squad, take point. Head for that valley ahead. Thesh squad—sorry guys—you're rearguard.”

A sergeant pointed. “Bearing one-one-mark-eight. Nine-point-one clicks. Quick time.” The company fell into formation and started jogging through the sky's incessant and unrelenting wailing.

Three minutes later, the troopers stopped mid-stride. Qek squad's sergeant marched towards the rear.

Robel bumped into a trooper. “Wha—? Why are we stopped?” He yelled at the sergeant. “We gotta get to cover, the storm's almost on us. I can stop Force Lightning—in theory, anyway—but real lightning is a little above my pay grade.”

The troopers looked at each other, glancing to the rear surreptitiously.

“Sarge, seriously, we need to keep moving. If this is a joke—I wasn't even aware y'all could make jokes—it's not funny. Sergeant!” The Knight pushed his way through him. “What's going on?”

The trooper paused for a moment. “Priority Aurek-One-Aurek message. I must carry out the order.” Robel cocked his head. “A Priority Aurek-One-Aurek message? From the Chancellor himself? Why didn't I get the message? My communicator—which, admittedly, has been a bit spotty—has been completely silent. So what, pray tell, are y'all going on about?”

The sergeant brushed past the Jedi and went straight to the rearguard. Thesh squad had formed a circle around one trooper, who stood at attention with his helmet removed. “Trooper Osk-Resh-Dorn-Six, sir.” He saluted the sergeant.

“Orders are orders, Osk-Resh-Dorn-Six.” The sergeant returned the salute with a shot from his blaster. He checked the slain trooper for a pulse. “He is dead. Double time, people. No more delays.”

The troopers ran past the stunned Jedi. He closed Osk-Resh-Dorn-Six's eyes and said a small prayer. He turned to leave when his communicator beeped. “Robel here.”

“Get to—szzzzshs—ty. The Chancellor—shzhshshhzzhhs--all Jedi. Something about Ord—shshzh—Six. Repeat: Avoid all—shshszz—pers.”

“Wait, what? I don't copy. Base? Base?” The Jedi Knight clicked his communicator off. “Damn this storm! I better get moving. The sooner we get that array up, the sooner we can get a clear read on that message...”

Oh god TT, what have you done?

...Also: Korras. I'm not AWOL. Fix it. :P

Apparently the post couldnt handle my awesome.

I'm not convinced that's what the problem is...

Howie is very AWOL, go make it happen.

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