Dark Crusade Prologue: Run-On


Dark Crusade Prologue: Run-On

Have you ever wanted to drive a Super Star Destroyer? Now is your chance! The Dark Crusade Prologue is kicking off with a game-mastered run-on designed to capture the SSD Avenger II.

1. 5 Person Teams.
2. Teams can be Clan/House internal or a mixed bag.
3. Sign ups are from 2-7 January 2013.
4. The event and fictional details will be released on 8 January 2013.
5. The event will run from 8-31 January with at least 3 fictional prompts.
6. Nova for the top three teams.
7. The Winning Team will be incorporated in official DJB fiction.

Sign up: Here!

**Because someone asked already: You must use the Google Doc to sign up. One person from your team can sign up the entire team, but all teams must use the G-DOC. We will assign posts on the forums based off of the G-Doc teams.

Choo-choo-choose me?

Ah, options for inter-clan participation, or not. Now THAT is how you plan comps that are inclusive to folk.

Good work :D

Just to clarify: If I have a team of 5 already set up and I use the google doc, does that guarantee I will get my team of 5?

Does each member of the team have to sign up and list the others as well?

As noted in the *** you can sign your whole team up. You get to play with who you want. It is completely up to you. Those who sign up individually will be placed on a team in some random manner that Shad and I devise.

Team OFH (plus Annie) ftw! :P

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