Obelisk Office update


Obelisk Office update

Greetings, gentlemen. <p> 1) This has been a very active week. Once I was appointed, I started contacting the Houses' summits, inquiring about their status, projects, etc... Response has been fairly acceptable, but I will have to work on a more accurate reporting system. <p> 2) I have registered a domain, obeliskorder.org. The site will be developed mainly by OBL Rizlib, and I'll most likely do the coding, unless I can get help and dedicate to the administrative part... So if anyone is willing to help, please contact me. <p> 3) I have decided to give my former M:CoG Mairin Praetor status in the Obelisk Office. I have already been questioned about this decision, being that Mairin is a Krath member. Well, I could talk for hours about leadership and how knowing where to look for assistance is a key part of it, but instead I only ask you to wait and see the results.

Mairin will be coordinating the development of the new Obelisk Studies. They will be improved, and will include a wide variety of courses regarding anything an Obelisk member would want to learn. If you have ANY ideas concerning this, or would like to join the team and help, please contact us at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. Any other suggestions are also most welcome. <p> 4) I'm starting a competition for the creation of the Obelisk Order and Clans battle uniform. Members from any order may participate. All you have to do is design a uniform (using the tool of your choice, be that a pencil or a graphic editing tool) for your clan, of for the Obelisk Order. Once we get all the designs, and decide about a winner, we'll get those coded and made JK skins out of them.

Depending on participation, awards will be given to first, second and third place. <p> 5) Any comments, suggestions, questions? Please send the to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] <p> OHC ZK</p></p></p></p></p></p>

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