Director of Episode VII Is...


Director of Episode VII Is...

This has been the latest big rumor of the last week, but now it is officially confirmed by that J. J. Abrams will be directing Star Wars Episode VII. Announcement - You can read the full story here.


He did a bangup job with the Trek reboot, and while I never watched Lost, I heard it was pretty enjoyable. I admit I was shocked at first, like "He can't cross promotions like that!" but then I reminded myself this is neither comics nor professional wrestling, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

So, I have faith. Also, FIRST!


thanks for info shad, if not for you, I'd have missed this

delicious lens flare

Abrams is a fantastic choice; I am very excited about this. A few reasons:

  1. This proves that Disney/LucasArts are serious about the revamp of the franchise and that they are not going to take a shot with some shit-no-named director or some effects-is-all director like Michael Bay. Story will be a huge element as it always is in Abrams products.

  2. Abrams is a fan, a huge fan. He is going to give us a story that we (aka the people who were fans of the originals and don't want to see the new movies geared toward 8-yr-olds), including Abrams, want to see. Also, he wouldn't have signed on if he didn't have the freedom to do the type of story he wants.

  3. He knows what made Eps IV, V and VI great. If you read what he said about remaking Star Trek, it was basically all about taking the Star Wars pacing and action to the Trek franchise, which he did amazingly. He knows the things that made the first SW movies great and will bring them back.

This is a great move. We need to be prepared in 2015 for the influx of members; it will be bigger than the influx we got with the prequels.


He did a bangup job with the Trek reboot because he pulled story devices from ANH. :P While I would have preferred joss whedon; I'm okay with this and still am excited to see the new films.


He made the 'new' Star Trek?

Let's just hope they don't dumb SWVII down in the same way. I hated the new ST.

New Star Trek was sexy, fun, and watchable. I'm with Raiju in that I would've preferred Whedon, but Abrams is going to make this damn incredible.

I was honestly not expecting to see JJ Abrams at the helm for the new reboot. Truth be told, there's a lot of issues I had with the reboot of the series, considering the amount of expanded universe material there was and with the age of the original actors. However, Abrams is a fellow geek and he knows how to deliver high expectations to hardcore fans. While I've not been a fan of his TV shows, I absolutely enjoy his work in theater.

JJ Abrams, shut up and take my money!

So does this mean that the new Star Wars will be full of simulated lens flare?

Will this be awesome? Yes. Yes it will.

I'm excited for this. All things considered, we're getting a new Star Wars film. No matter what we all think of the Clone Wars, or SWTOR, or Disney doing Star Wars, the important things is that the franchise stays alive for us to continue to share it with all our families and friends. That also means new DJBers!


Good. Now he can stop ruining the Star Trek franchise. And since that reboot was essentially a Star Wars movie, all he has to do is carbon copy his success.

I'm am a huge fan of Abrams. There has not been a single thing he's done that I didn't absolutely love. Can't even tell you how excited I am now.

I dunno. I'm on the fence.

I am however obligated by conscience to point out that when Abrams had to write an ending to something, he produced the train wreck of Lost.

Basically, as I have said since Disney took this thing over and announced more movies... so much doubt mixed with a tinge of hope, and a prayer that they don't crush my fanboy heart even more.... but crushing realization that they probably will.

A defeatist attitude: maybe, but it's one that I don't need to be afraid of.

Allow the film major to chime in;

Anyone worried about J.J's ability to pull these off well should relax. He was on my crap list after Cloverfield, but the new ST reboot he proved to me that he has the ability to be commercially viable, while also respecting fanboy lore.

The amount of people who didn't like the new Trek are upset that it's literally not the same as the Trek that aired 20 years ago. Personally, I never was into Star Trek, but the new movie brought me in. I saw it with my dad (huge Trekkie, ironically) and he even said he was happy with the reboot.

I think that J.J is a good choice because he has the experience in dealing with hollywood level studios, but also has the creative respect and control to do things the way he wants to do.

A lot of the times, more "Artistic" directors are at the mercy of the studios. Abrahms has the resume and respect to do things his way, which I think will ultimately lead to better end product. Also the fact that Lucas isn't actually sitting down to write the scrips will make anything that comes out better than the Prequel.


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