Couple quick site fixes


Couple quick site fixes

Hello friends,

A few things I noticed yesterday were bothering me on the site, so I fixed them:

  1. When you picked the custom Odyssey layout for unit, House "resource" boxes in the top right were not loading the right reports and leaders (was still fine for clans). Apparently this broke when everyone was declanned, but I just noticed it. It's fixed now for Houses (sorry HOU lighties, still no custom layout for you. I can be bribed though to make one, maybe).

  2. At the request of Howie, I've made it so you can see old Chancellor reports. The position had been deleted, so nothing was linking properly. It's up now on the reports page, however. You know, for all you CHAN fans.





bribes with a lifetime supply of imaginary cookies the chewy crunchy freshly baked chocolate chip but still imaginary kind

How about exclusive buffalo-hunting rights on New Tython? :D

The site's still shows me as Equite 3, when it should obviously be Equite 4.

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