Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report


Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report

_Vorxes' Cantina ,Skeebo City

Skeebo, Outer Rim Territories_

"Looks like you got into a bit of tussle," Bralok Jarrot said. The hooded figure gave a slight glare at the assassin.

"That is of no concern for you or your ... team," The man said.

"Well I'm sure it has somethin' to do with us being called out here to the middle of bleedin' nowhere," Bralok said looking around the mostly empty Cantina. There was a tone of annoyance in the assassin's voice, Skeebo was very much out of the way, but no so far that the cloaked figure across from him would be missing for long. Bralok shifted in his seat. The two others he brought with him glanced at each other uncomfortably. All three were use to shady deals, it came with the job, yet, there was something about the man seated across from them that made them all uneasy.

"You seem worried. I assure you if you are as good as your reputation states, you will be more than fine. It is just one man after all."

"Yeah, yeah. We can do it just fine. You sure this intel is good?" Bralok asked.

"Yes, and if you move quickly, he will still be on Khar Delba. It would be a shame to miss him. You will get the remaining 70% of the fee once I have word the deed is done." The hooded figure said while pointing out the planet on a small map.

Bralok felt a slight shiver go up his spine. The money was too good to let up however. He took another look over the dossier of information that had been provided to him.

"Right then. This... Locke Sonjie won't be around for much longer. Ya have my word on that." With that the three assassins quickly made their leave. The hooded man waited several moments, finishing his drink. Taking a deep swig, he placed his glass down and smiled.

_ISD Warspite


"Welcome back sir." Xen'Mordin gave a simple recognizing nod to the welcoming Lieutenant. He looked out and saw several of the leading members of Scholae Palatinae waiting sullenly for him to make is way off the shuttle.

"We could have used you, we might have been able to capture the planet if you hadn't run off." Archangel said quietly once Xen was close enough.

"Not here. Yell all you want in private." Xen muttered to his former Aedile. As he looked around he saw the disappointed expressions clearly from the rest of the group.

Once in the small conference room, everyone burst into yelling at once.

"We need to be better prepared! You are the leader, you can't leave." Xantros went off, obviously annoyed at the sudden addition to his duties.

"It is bad for moral," Koryn added.

"I don't like being left as fodder." Archangel said.

"Look, you all have proved yourselves again and again. The planet was already lost to us. It was clear Taldryan or Arcona was going to take it no matter what when I left. You all did well, but my presence here wouldn't have changed a damn thing. I figured I might as well go take care of some business to help us." The Quaestor said taking his seat at the head of the table.

"What did you do?" Xantros asked. Xen smiled at the Duros.

"Most likely sent three men to their death. But if we are lucky a fourth will fall. We may be crusading for our own glory and the glory of the Brotherhood, but it doesn't mean we need to forget our enemies." Xen said. The team of Palatinaeans looked around at each other, all thinking back to their many enemies.

"Now then, lets see what we can do for our next siege in this crusade." Xen said.

Hello Scholae Palatinae!

I know I'm a bit earlier than usual with the report, but I wanted to make sure to get it out to you all. I wasn't able to hound you all as much as I usually do during vendettas, due to my surgery keeping me from using the computer. As is I really shouldn't even be on here doing this right now, but I figure its been long enough. Also as a heads up I'm going to be moving the beginning of April, so there may be 2-3 days where it is hard to get in contact with me, but I don't think it will take long to get internet up and running at my new place. Anyway, on to the report!

Obviously this round of the Crusade has ended. Massive props and congratulations to Arcona and Plagueis for winning their planets, as well to Naga Sadow and Taldryan for coming to close to winning as well.

The good news is, we had more submissions that the first round of this crusade. Lets see what we can to do keep that number going up for next time. I want to thank all of you who did participate. Thanks for giving it your all. Regrettably we didn't have any placements this time around. I know there were some amazing submissions from the people in Arcona and Taldryan, but don't let that get you down. There is always next time. I urge all of you to take a look at the grading rubric and suggestions for fictions mentioned in Sarin's VOICE report. I also urge you all to remember the suggestions of Shikyo for the graphics submissions about needing to have your image accurately reflect the prompt. You never know when you can hit gold so give it your all for next time.

There will be a slight delay in the next round of the Crusade as mentioned in Raken's report. Its been a while, but we are once again going to have a run of the Independence Games! This event is less about units placing over other units and more about you, the individual member, going for your own glory! Yes, we unit leaders like to see our numbers of participation higher than everyone else's, but this is a chance for you, yes you to carve out a slice of DB glory that is all yours. There will be a LOT of great events.

Its going to be a lot less serious than the crusade, so hopefully it gives you all a fun, less stressful chance to prove how awesome you are. I hope everyone goes out and tries to take first overall in the many different events that are to come in it.

Outside of the Crusade and the coming IGs, we have begun working on an organized edit of all of the Scholae Palatinae wikipedia articles. A lot of these are VERY much outdated with wrong information, conflicting information, confusing information, or all of the above. While this project has started with our small team of members, I would like to remind you all about the many uses of the Wikipedia. Perhaps on an individual level, the most important thing to remember is that the Wikipedia holds character articles. As spring as sprung (despite the fresh snow I received this morning) take some time to do some spring cleaning on your own character articles. If you don't have one yet, there is no time like the present to get going on them. As well, those of you below DJK should note that creating good character articles is one of the options for your requirements through those ranks. So keep that in mind.

I want to point out again, that Shadow Nighthunter got to DJK. Major Congratulations to her, that is a major accomplishment.

I also want to point out that Varkain received the Maven - Writing degree. Evant received the Maven - Philosophy Degree. Good work to both of you on getting those done!

Okay, that's all I have for you guys this time. I hope you all are enjoying the Crusade. Until next time.


  • IGs are coming soon

  • Another round of the Crusade finished

For the Empire!

Xen'Mordin Vismorsus

Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

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