House Odan-Urr High Councilor Report


House Odan-Urr High Councilor Report

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The Arthos


The tunneling beauty of hyperspace travel lulled the Nagai Councilor into a fight for his senses. Trading the cold of Khar Delba for the cold of space provided no other benefit than survival for the moment. He sat at the control panel of The Arthos awaiting the ships emergence into its next objective. Somewhere ahead in the mists of hyperspace travel were the inhabitants of the Jedi District, the Odanites stowed within their Gallofree transports, defensless for all but a handful of squadrons. The Disciples of Urr, the surviving first, second and third generations of the Padawans of Ji; _‘What were they doing? Who were they? Where are they going? _He thought to himself.

The coldness seemed to seep back into the Nagai as he found himself pondering on the deceased Gand and the legacy of Jedi within the Iron Fist. He reminisced on the day at the Abbey and the horrors unresolved on New Tython.

_‘What are we doing here?’ _he further questioned, the lull of sleep proving to be a fearsome adversary. What were they doing? They were weak, outnumbered and undersupplied to offset the conquest of the Brotherhood.

His datapad flickered as he read a short status update from Commander Deo Sol:

<span style="font-size:11px;">Entry XX—45- Commander Sol to Councilor Va'lence:</span>

<span style="font-size:11px;">City calm, surrounding homesteads report no further incursions by roaming mercenary force; KUDF patrols remain on alert.</span>

<span style="font-size:11px;">Presidium met with New Dawn delegates 3 days prior; settlement recognized as Blackslope Glen, Commander Abuli en route as escort.</span>

<span style="font-size:11px;">Harakoan tribal leaders from Gioki demand additional conference with Jedi Council; issue of supernova now causing distress in southern plains tribes.</span>

He clicked off the datapad casting it off to the side while he got up to stretch his legs. The short list became a growing concern in his minds’ eye whilst he meditated on the issue. Flashes of the situations danced in his head in a bid to resolve the problems. With the Jedi absence the people could find their stride and identity in the midst of maintaining their sovereignty.

Was it worth the risk? Could KUDF survive further skirmishes? Surely the militants had seen the ships head toward the Sanctuary from Odain, they must know of the Jedi absence. The alarming quietness of New Tython subsided as the ship came out of hyperspace and the sight from the cockpit guaranteed no such promise of sleep now.

<span style="color:#009966;">General Address</span>

Greetings Odanites,

You did good this round guys! Honestly I want to say the amount of teamwork, communication and quality of entries was astonishing, really proud of everyone. We had 26 entries, that’s a whole ten more than Chapter 1 which is a badass feat in its own right. The submissions for Chapter 2 had us as a unit average out to .70 overall participation; I say good job now, I’ll say “great job” when we hit at least a full 1.0. We can do it, we have the people, presence and integrity and potential for all the badassery in the DB-verse. Lets do it homies!


  • Dro

Dark Brotherhood News

<span style="color:#009966;">Dark Crusades, Indpendence Games und Yooo</span>

Dark Crusades’ latest installment is finished, Chapter 3 will pick up in May. I’d like to congratulate the winning units, your performance was awesome to witness. A big congratulations to Plagueis as well, as a former Plagueian it’s still nice to see the old unit do well.

With Dark Crusades finished, the Independence Games will be taking the place of Chapter 3. For newer people: If you’re not familiar with the IG’s I’ll explain really quick:The Independence Games are competitive series of events much like you would find in a regular vendetta. The games are meant to commemorate the Exodus, an event which marked the beginning of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as an entity independent from the Emperors Hammer into the present day. The IG’s are meant as a time to honor and celebrate the successes of its founding and that of its members past and present. Given that this is the tenth year of Independence it goes to be a special event marked with member created/hosted events. Given from the powers that be, if you reached eligibility to host an event make sure you get your submissions in by or before the 3<sup>rd</sup> of April.

The Independence Games will begin Apr.13<sup>th</sup> and run for two weeks. As a word of warning there will be a maximum of 84 events for you to participate in, so unless you’re truly confident I wanna say pace yourself for Chapter 3 because we won’t have a full two weeks to rest up for the next run of Crusades.

House Odan-Urr News

<span style="color:#009966;">Recognition</span>

While Jedi aren’t exactly supposed to relish on medals and achievements, the need to recognize key members of Odan-Urr who have proved themselves as pillars of the community has arisen. The following members have demonstrated themselves outstanding in the eyes of their leaders and their peers for their works, deeds, and feats. Without them many successes would not have manifested. For your undying loyalty to your fellow Odanite and to the force, House Odan-Urr commends you all. Thank you and congratulations:

Morotheri- Promotion to Equite 3 & Gold Nova, chiefly awarded for services to House Odan-Urr for well over the past year as a top notch summit member and a first place graphics submission in Chapter 2.

Raiju Kang- Recipient of the Grand Cross of the (not-so) Darkside.

Kaira Rohana- Recipient of a Steel Cross

Sight Nortorshin- Recipient of a Dark Cross

<span style="color:#009966;">Newbodies!!</span>

Welcome to all the new members! We’ve had a ton of newbodies joining us fresh from the SA and from the Rogues. Major congratulations go out to Raiju, Kaira, and Revak who undertook a much needed and much appreciated recruitment drive.

Welcome to House Odan-Urr:

Liam Torun

Arcia Cortel

Azler Wilder

Sepiroth Shamshan Kali

Tiberius Serpentium

Doku Rivendare

Sight Nortorshin

Rilin Farris

Lan Orsalan

Justin Wayne

Zercon Xar

<span style="font-size:11px;">Zander Vici</span>

<span style="color:#009966;">Jedi Strike-Teams</span>

The Strike-Teams (Jedified version of “battleteams”?, try it on yeah?) in the spirit of experimentation have undergone another dramatic revision. In the vein of giving the team leaders the opportunities to generate activity in the house each has been given full license to coordinate the successes within their respective units. As of now the two teams are open to new recruits, contact the unit leaders for specifics on the teams and joining:

Commander of the Knights of Allusis- Raiju Kang

Commander of Strike-Team Ooroo- Liam Torun

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<span style="color:#009966;">Fleet Points</span>

Earned points from Horizons through Chapter 2 have been added and put into our Fleet Bank. For the newer guys and review: House Odan-Urr being relatively new and small in terms of in-universe strength decided as a unit at the end of Horizons to bank all of our points to the point that we can invest in a full strength starter fleet consisting at minimum 1 full-sized capital ship, supporting vessels, and additional squadrons.

Participation activity and quality submissions raise the promise that we’ll earn more points to spend on our Order Of Battle. The more events that our unit participates in (example: Dark Crusades or the Independence Games) earns us more points to spend and thusly our in-universe military possessions and strength grows. If you need extra incentive to contribute for this fund I encourage you to look at our meager forces compared to larger units…oh yeah.

If you have questions, concerns, whatever just contact me.

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<span style="color:#009966;">Closing</span>

You may have noticed that my report doesn’t look so drab and dull. Normally I never use the words drab or dull but they kept getting tossed my way after each and every text wall report. So I contracted a badass known to all as Eiko who did me a major favor by making up some awesome headers and separators, thanks man!

On another note I wanna get sappy and say that I’m proud of this unit and feel fortunate I’m able to do this with you guys. I don’t think in the history of my own membership I’ve ever been among such esteemed company. Lets do some IG’s and Crusading and I’ll see you at Jebbis for a drink!

-Drodik Va’lence al’Tor

Excellent report, Dro, and a damn fine thanks to Eiko for providing the QUA with some awesome artwork.

Padawans and Knights, and assorted Rogues and interested outsiders, Ooroo will be redefining how Odan-Urr works with the other units of the Brotherhood and with the Sith in general. If you're part of another unit, hit me up for details and we'll coordinate with your leaders to play together; if you're a Rogue or an Odanite without a home, it's not too late to become one of the first of many Ooroan freedom fighters.

<</shameless plug>>

great report Dro also thank you for all your hard work. You lead by exaple. Keep it up!!!!!

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