SCL Announcement's


SCL Announcement's

1) I have gotten the Hit Counter put back on again. This time it is a DB driven counter that shouldnt go down or give any trouble unless the database is down.

2) I will be trying to, possibly, integrate the Order Studies course's. The Obelisk Studies will be handled by the Obelisk High Commander. <p> 3) I am still waiting to get the Create Saber page back from GM Chi Long. Til then I am still receiving Lightsaber requests. <p> 4) I have created a small stats page. Link is under the Info/Training section. <p> 5) I have recoded the Rogue roster to only display 10 entries at a time. This has sped up the preformance already and has helped to not keep the server running trying to pull the info up. <p> 6) I will be adding some scripts for the CoJ to enter in comments about DB members, just like the DC can do now.</p></p></p></p>

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