SA News and Trivia Reminder


SA News and Trivia Reminder

Two quick pieces of news for your Friday evening:

Praetor to the Head Master

Ood Bnar has been appointed to the role of Praetor to the Head Master. He has been a member of the Shadow Academy staff for many years and I have always considered him as the Senior Professor, given that he was the first. He has been assisting me with projects and various other tasks since I became Headmaster and as such he was an obvious choice for the role.

From now on, please include Ood in any Shadow Academy communications, especially requests for degrees.

Shadow Academy Trivia Tomorrow

The Shadow Academy is hosting a trivia event in #shadowacademy on Undernet tomorrow, 22 June, at 9PM EST.

If you have never been on IRC before, don't currently have a client setup, or if you're experiencing issues connecting, try the following links:

These links will open a tab, load the mibbit website, ask for a user name and try to connect you to Undernet and join you automatically to the #shadowacademy channel.

Start with a location physically near you, if that fails try the other servers.

Personally, being from New Zealand, I get the most luck connecting to Budapest.

*The IX server is meant to be super stable and a few people swear by it. I can't connect to it, but your mileage may vary.

This really was a great trivia event with several different types of questions. I look forward to future trivia events!

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