News from the Shadow Academy!


News from the Shadow Academy!

Hi guys and ladies,

I have two announcements/messages for the Brotherhood at large today:


I am looking for a few people to aid the Shadow Academy in some IRC related matters:

I need someone who uses:
- Colloquy (and any other IRC format designed for MAC)
- XChat Aqua (and any other IRC format designed for iOS)
- AndroIRC (designed for Android)

I mentioned the ones I heard of. If you know a better IRC operating system for Mac/iOS/Android, let me know.

If you use or know how to operate any of these systems, get in touch with me via email (or find me on IRC (you can also contact me via comments to this post)).

2. GREAT NEWS EVERYONE (line stolen from Hubert Farnsworth)

As of right now, the Department of Core Studies on the new SA Site (click the link, or go to the staging site and click main, then click Shadow Academy) is FINISHED! People who want to test these updated courses, and take the newly created exams can do so! (I'll even manually transfer your scores to the current site).

The currently finished exams are:

Also finished and ready for your testing/usage:

This means that the Dark Maven: Philosophy can now be gained via the staging site!

Well, that's it for today (stay tuned for more exams arriving in the future!

P.S.: If you want to see this in a lovely formatting and such, go to the staging site newspage

Ood, I've had better luck using on mobile while connecting to undernet, rather than androirc. Might be worth popping into to see.

+1 for - *nix/osx and apparently windows as well


Nice post Ood.

thank the Kiwi for the linkage!

While i applaud the work, only thing i don't like is the grey text on black screen. Makes it very hard to read especially on a cell phone. Also, new site i can not highlight any text to copy it. When i press in page, it wants me to save picture.

Other than that, over good job

Brimstone, consider using the Oberstified layout. It'll make viewing on your phone a lot easier as it is black text on a white background.

To turn it on go to your administration page and choose edit dossier. In there you'll see a layout preference option, change that to Oberstified, scroll to the bottom and hit Update Dossier.

This layout preference will apply anytime you're logged into the staging website.

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