Nova Library Updated


Nova Library Updated

Hey Everyone. I'm sneaking in a news post prior to tonight's launch of the next round of the Dark Crusade. I have updated the Nova Library to help everyone see the types of fiction entries that catch my attention.

This update includes:

  1. Wally's Gold Nova HVT.

  2. Wun's Gold Nova Chronicle.

  3. Goat's Gold Nova Chronicle.

  4. Jac's Silver Nova Chronicle.

  5. Arden's Bronze Nova Chronicle.

  6. Atyiru's Bronze Chronicle.

You can see all the entries at: Awesome Nova Library of Awesome Nova.

You'll notice that Wally, Wun, and Goat all utilized a bit of flare in their entries. Wally wrote a screenplay, Wun created a holopad graphic, and Goat used blood splatters. Each entry was eye catchy, but it was not the sole reason they placed. They also had substance, stayed within the posted guidelines, and were creative.

Good luck next round!

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