Consul Report


Consul Report

Consul Obelisk Battlemaster Corran Force Reporting:

While we have come back from the holidays we need to start looking at beating CSP in the current comp. Remember, to idle in their IRC channel and spam members with challenges for the Comp.

Galthain Notes: While the Sithies continue to be the most active house in CSK, they are trying their best to show how active they are. Great work Galthain! Keep it up :-)

Kirleta Notes: Some are currently sleeping so we need to try and wake them up. :-P. I have seen many Kirleta members come on IRC and look for a JK match or to even just have practice. Keep up the work active members :-)..

Aleema Notes: I am very happy to see that they are begining to show signs of life. I also hope that they will very highly active and win alot of Krath Comps. :-)

Keep up the great work CSK!!!

SBM Ricardo reporting in for House Galthain on 1/02/00..


Check out for all DB News.


1) The CSK vs. CSP Competition is still going on.. For TIE Fighter, TC-TIE 1
(ATTACHED) needs to be flown.. I don't know any other details for

As for Multiplayer Stuff- I reported last week that on last Saturday morning
at 12:30 PM EST in #CSK and/or #CSP on IRC, there would be matches for our
clan war.. Galthain had about 2-3 pilots show up, but there was zero
opposition! Be in the same rooms, at the same time for XWA and XvT matches
this Saturday morning.


1) House Galthain is in need of a Squadron Commander again! Sith
Battlemaster Scoser of Domi's Disciples of Death Squadron has resigned from
his position, and AED Drako and myself are taking applications! So, all of
you Jedi out there itching for a chance to take command, email applications
to me at <[Log in to view e-mail addresses]> and Drako and <[Log in to view e-mail addresses]>.

Thank you to Scoser, for the work he put in as DDD CMDR!

2) Also, House Galthain will soon be instituting a Merit System, to help you
guys and gals earn rewards for the work you do. As you might guess, points
will be awarded (and in some cases, taken away!) for your participation or
non-participation in DB and house competitions, for battle flying, and other
things. Points, in turn will be exchanged for medals! Stay tuned.

3) We have the Monthly Sith Competition going on for a few more days. The
missions can be found at:

Just follow the usual rules (create a new 

pilot for each mission, no
patches, etc.) and send the pilot files to ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and
([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). Only one submission from each person will be
accepted and don't forget to include your ID-Line! Send also to me, AED
Drako and your CMDR! This ends on the 6th of January. There will be some
pretty handsome awards given out :)

4) The DB Multiplayer Ladder is still running at I believe we have a few members signed
up for that, but only one I know of has been taking part: Slage! Sign up for
the ladder today.

5) Also, Aedile Drako has updated the House Galthain homepage, which can be
found at:

6) Drako and myself have reccomended three lucky pilots for Commendations of
Loyalty, which Grand Master Zoraan had asked us to do :)


Acolyte Wil_Striker's new Email address is <[Log in to view e-mail addresses]>.

GRD Mareek Of Thal has rejoined House Galthain!!


1) Well, there was some criticism over this section, so I have decided to
revise this a little bit. Each week, you no longer have to email me and
check in (Thank you, to those who -have- been doing it :-).

Instead, you just need to email your CMDR at least once a week- which you
all SHOULD be doing already :) Then, your CMDRs, DJK Adrenaline and GRD
Spearhawk- and whoever the new DDD CMDR turns out to be- will add the
activity tracking to their weekly reports (much as the TC CMDRs do).

I really hope this works out better than the Activity Tracking has been

Clan Satal Keto:
House Galthain:
House Galthain Roll:
Domi's Disciples of Death: TBA

Shadow Acadamy:
The Dark Side Compendium,
Grand Master's Throne Room,
Dark Brotherhood Message Board,
Dark Brotherhood:
Emperor's Hammer:


WC/GN Alec Ricardo/Wing IV/SSSD Sov

[SS|BSx4|PCx3|ISMx7|MoT-2gh|MoC-6BoC-SoC|OA-2E] {PIN- #275}
[IWATS-SM/1/2-mIRC] - - T/D "Sable"

House Galthain's Quaestor
SBM Ricardo (Sith)/Galthain of Satal Keto [GC/SC/WC/DC]

"Death, thunder, destruction and brawl!"

Right, this is something I have INDEED been waiting a long time for,
My offical elevation to Aedile.....

Now I can start getting things done, and I WILL get the things done .

The house has been silent for a very long time, even more silent than I
tend to be.... Which is not good at all..

So it's time to rise and shine Krathies!..... Or something like that :)


These are the current active Competitions taken from the KHP Website
Remember to CC both me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Nightflyer ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]),
so that we can award you points for your work!

House competition (from KPN Voranyen):
Design your Cathedral. Quaestors will organize a team of people to work on it.
The Cathedrals will look nice on your House webpages, add a little depth to the
fantasy, and we'll even cut a deal with you and make a link to them from the
Krath website. They'll be judged on quality of description, and length. Extra
credit will be awarded for both 2D floorplans and 3D images. Due to the
Christmas season, I'm giving you till February 1st, 2001.
Deadline: February 1st, 2001.

And folks, please remember that artwork and stories can be submitted all
the time.... I will list the point system that KAP Mairin came with some months

The ones you people should specially notice is section 5, 6 and 7! (Include 10 aswell)


1) ***Vendetta Events (DB-wide only)

Winning Submission - 5 points
2nd Place - 4 points
3rd Place
- 3 points
Participation - 2 points

2) ***Monthly Krath Topic Submissions

0-5 points dependent on quality

3) ***In-House/Clan Competitions

Winning Submission - 3 points
2nd Place - 2 points
Participation - 1 point

4) ***Run-on posts (DB Vendetta/House/Clan) and weekly House Debates

0-3 points dependent on quality

5) ***Fiction submitted to TET/AED/QUA

0-5 points dependent on quality

6) ***DB web pages and graphics

0-5 points dependent on quality and quantity

7) ***Recruitment of New Members

2 points per member

8) ***Encouraging Activity in Others
E.g. Tetrarch/Mentor

0-5 points per month dependent on achievements and activity levels


Rank - Rank Points No. of Points to

per medal medals
ACO -> PRT 3 2 6
PRT -> GRD 4 2 8
GRD -> DJH 5 3 15
DJH -> DJK 6 4 24
DJK -> KP 7 5 35
KP -> KAP 8 6 48
KAP -> KE 9 8 72
KE -> KPN 10 10 100

*NB: Medals awarded in this way will be Dark Crosses or Steel Crosses only.

All other medals will continue to be awarded in the usual way.

Good, then I'm finished with my rants, for this time.... There WILL be more :))))

So, you don't need an competition in order to do something...


"Reality is only a state of mind, the impossible is possible"
Krath Priest Zulaan Eronaile - Aedile of House Aleema
KP Zulaan Eronaile(Krath)/AED/House Aleema Of Satal Keto (BN)
CMDR/LC Zulaan Eronaile/Tempest 1-1/Wing X/ISD Challenge
(BS)(4xPC)(7xISM)(MoT-rh)(MoI)(OV-2E)[IWATS CORE,IIC,SM/1,SM/2][CAVL]
Email: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]
ICQ Number: 1334466

Fellow Brothers:

Dark Brotherhood News:

The Brigade League Begins! ! ! !
OWL Dreadnaught ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) at 5:30:03

Go to, for more

Thursday, January 04, 2001

News from the Master at Arms
DA Shotgun ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) at 6:04:46 PM

On Saturday, I will be returning to college. I might
be offline for a day or two, while I update my
computer with my new sound card and CDRW. Roster
updates may be delayed until Sunday night or Monday
morning. I don't expect any problems, but I wanted to
let everyone know, in case I run into problems.

Clan Satal Keto News:

CSK Redesign Plan..

10:57 - OBM Corran Force

[[Log in to view e-mail addresses]] -

After I have completed the Brigade League site I will
be recoding the CSK site with some new features. I
will also be setting up a new user database for my
Summit members. I will have a list of projects I plan
on doing for the site. I will also list how far along
I am.

Aleema AED Appointed...

10:53 - OBM Corran Force

[[Log in to view e-mail addresses]] -

The DGM has now approved the appointment for Krath
Priest Zulaan Eronaile to become the new AED of
Aleema. Congrats Zulaan. :-)

Kirleta News:

Currently CSK is in a comp so go to #DB and get into
some matches!!!! Also we need to get active!!! Plans
are underway to fix this!

Activity Report:

OW Wet Willy: On Leave

DJK Darkheart: In Contact

OBM Rizlib: In Contact

JH Seth Katal: No Contact (Near AWOL)

JH Wraith: No Contact (Near AWOL)

GRD Azazel: Was seen

GRD Thrack: Was seen

PRT Apophis: On Leave

PRT Rand: No Contact (Near AWOL)

ACO Smug: No Contact (Near AWOL)

ACO Waza: Was seen

Thats Its!

AED/DJK Darkheart (Obelisk)/Kirleta of Satal Keto
FL/LCM Darkheart/Ghost 3-1/Wing XI/ISD Immortal

Vice Admiral Corran Force

COM/VA Corran Force/ISD Challenge
GS/SSx2/BSx3/PCx2/ISMx4/MoI/MoC-19BoC-6SoC-1GoC/LoAx2/OV-2E [KNGT]

OBM (Obelisk)/P:OHC/CON/Satal Keto, GC/(BN) {SA: CORE}

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