Consul Report


Consul Report

Obelisk Battlemaster Corran Force Reporting...

  1. I have completed work on the Brigade League site. Dreadnaught will be the one that updates the ladder. :-)
  2. I will be finishing the Obelisk Studies site soon. I have completed 1 or 3 of the admin pages. I will need some help probably when its time for a roster to come out with each person that is enlisted and the professor at the top.
  3. After the Obelisk Studies site is completed I will be recoding the CSK site. I hope to have the new code up shortly after that with some new banners to match..

Kirleta Comments: With the start of the Brigade League, Vashino has dominated the ladder. My hats off to all the members who have submitted to the Brigade League thus far. Keep it up Kirleta!!

Galthain Comments: Galthain keeps getting bigger and bigger. I am hoping they have more submissions for the CSP/CSK comp. I am trying to extend the deadline out til next Friday. Everyone, fly TIE if you havent flown already..

Aleema Comments: With all the comps going on for the Krath, I am hoping that this will be a born again House. I hope that this will help Aleema look good so when members email the Rogue List and SA list, people will want to join Aleema for the level of Activity and Fun.

>From the chambers of the Quaestor...

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm back from my vacation. I hope you all had a
great holidays. So, let's get down to business.

-KP Zulaan has (finally) been officially instated as the new Aedile.
Congrats to KP Zulaan. :)

-The Krath Cathedral competition is still going on. This ends February 1.
Come on, people, we need to get on top of this. The activity level we have,
frankly, is demeaning. None of us are as low as this, but if we keep this
up, we'll rot away into nothing. In addition to anything you may get from
the Cathedral competition, I'll award a Dark Cross to any member who
decides participate. Most likely, I'll ask either KP Zulaan or one of our
Tetrarchs to head the team.

-Since we don't really have enough members to justify having two Phyles,
I'm going to condense them into one. This will be effective most likely
starting next week.

-The House page that KP Boromir created has lost some of its functionality,
and I can't seem to get a hold of him. In light of this, Dark Jedi Master
Astatine has kindly created a page for us. It is posted at For the time being, this will be
used as the primary Aleema site.

-Phase 2 of the Phyle Competition is going to be underway in a few days. It
involves a roleplay of hand-to-hand combat between members of the Krath
Phyles, and it's based on the members' "wits" and powers as a Dark Jedi. If
anyone is interested, contact me immediately; even if you guys don't want
to participate, I probably will. Like the Cathedral Competition, I will be
giving a Dark Cross to everyone (except myself) who participates,
regardless of whether we win or not. Only two spots are open (as I'm taking
one). Hurry up and apply!

-I'm going to start a new Competition for the House: I'd like someone to
write up a House History. Everyone is allowed to submit, except for me,
since I'm judging. The winner will receive a Bronze Scroll; second and
third places will receive a Dark Cross.

-Any member who submits writing to me of their own accord will be promoted,
if at all possible. No, not given a cheap medal, PROMOTED. The requirements
are as follows:

  -PRT and Below: 1 Writing 

-GRD and JH: 2 Writing Pieces
-DJK: 3 Writing Pieces
-KP: 5 Writing Pieces

Please keep in mind that DJKs and KPs will have to wait while I talk the
Consul into promoting you. Writing Pieces are defined as follows:

  -A story that is approximately 

two (2) pages long, or:
-Three (3) poems that are at least five (5) lines long, or any combination
of poetry adding up to 15 lines. Lines must be of reasonable length (no
one-word lines, please).

So, kids, let's get moving.

That's all for this week. Hopefully, I'll see a spike of activity.


Krath Archpriest Jacen Nightflyer

Quaestor, House Aleema of Satal Keto
KAP Nightflyer(Krath)/QUA/Aleema of Satal Keto,


SBM Ricardo reporting in for House Galthain on 1/09/01..


Take note of Article 2 in the HOUSE NEWS!!

Check out for all DB News.


1) The CSK vs. CSP Competition is still going on.. For TIE Fighter, TC-TIE 1
(ATTACHED) needs to be flown.. I don't know any other details for


As for Multiplayer Stuff- I reported last week that on last Saturday morning
at 12:30 PM EST in #CSK and/or #CSP on IRC, there would be matches for our
clan war.. Galthain had about 2-3 pilots show up, but there was zero

opposition! Be in the same rooms, at the same time for XWA and XvT matches

this Saturday morning.


1) House Galthain is still in need of a Squadron Commander! AED Drako and

myself are taking applications! So, all of you Jedi out there itching for a

chance to take command, email applications to me at <[Log in to view e-mail addresses]>
and Drako and <[Log in to view e-mail addresses]>.

2) The House Galthain Monthly Sith Competition deadline has been

extended!!!! IT will go on until the 13th now!

The missions can be found at:

Just follow the usual rules (create a new pilot for each 

mission, no
patches, etc.) and send the pilot files to ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and
([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). Only one submission from each person will be
accepted and don't forget to include your ID-Line! Send also to me, AED
Drako and your CMDR! This ends on the 13th of January. There will be some
pretty handsome awards given out :)

3) The DB Multiplayer Ladder is still running at


1) CMDRs will begin including Activity Tracking in their weekly reports. So

all pilots should report in to their squadron commanders!

Clan Satal Keto:
House Galthain:
House Galthain Roll:
Domi's Disciples of Death: TBA

Shadow Acadamy:
The Dark Side Compendium,
Grand Master's Throne Room,
Dark Brotherhood Message Board,
Dark Brotherhood:
Emperor's Hammer:


WC/GN Alec Ricardo/Wing IV/SSSD Sov

[SS|BSx4|PCx3|ISMx7|MoT-2gh|MoC-6BoC-SoC|OA-2E] {PIN- #275}
[IWATS-SM/1/2-mIRC] - - T/D "Sable"

House Galthain's Quaestor
SBM Ricardo (Sith)/Galthain of Satal Keto [GC/SC/WC/DC]

"Death, thunder, destruction and brawl!"

Mid-Week House Report Report
Kirleta: I would just like to thank SGT/OBM Rizlib on his outstanding work on getting Vashino to be #1 in the Brigade League! Now this feat was brought to us by Riz and Riz alone. There are lots of people in Vashino and its time we all do our part. Now the following is being put in place (with CON approval): EVERYONE IN THE BRIGADE MUST SUBMIT ATLEAST SOME FICITION TO THE BRIGADE LEAGUE! JUST GO TO AND YOU WILL FIND DETAILS ON HOW TO DO WHAT. NOW THOSE WHO DO NOT DO THIS AND CC ME AND WET WILLY WITH THEIR SUBMISSIONS WILL BE SET AS INACTIVE AND SET TO THE RESERVES! FEW EXCUSES WILL BE ACCEPT FOR YOUR INACTIVENESS. As of now Wet Willy and Risca are the only ones who have stated they are on leave so I expect to see some submissions! That is all! AED/DJK Darkheart (Obelisk)/House Kirleta of Satal Keto

Darkness prevail,
([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Vice Admiral Corran Force

COM/VA Corran Force/ISD Challenge
GS/SSx2/BSx3/PCx2/ISMx4/MoI/MoC-19BoC-6SoC-1GoC/LoAx2/OV-2E [KNGT]

OBM (Obelisk)/P:OHC/CON/Satal Keto, GC/(BN) {SA: CORE}

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