Consul Report


Consul Report

From the Desk of the ProConsul... (to Be Filtered down by the Summits)


The Dark Jedi of Clan Satal Keto are faring well. It has been a Hectic Week, with many changes. With the DB Database down, it has caused chaos through out the Brotherhood...but our Jedi will not falter...

Recently we have Lost not only our Consul but our Proconsul and also a Questor from our Krath House. We say Farewell to SBL Corran Force, KPN Alastery and Arch Priest Nightflyer. It's bad to lose these fine Jedi at any time or situation. But the show must go on and we now move onto bigger and better things!

Before Corran Force left, he went with a few departing gifts... he made sure he had the right Jedi in the right places! Congratulations goto Priest Zulaan and Arch Priest Domi, who are the new Questor and Aedile respectively of Aleema, our Krath house.

And of Course me! Your new ProConsul, Sith Battle Master Drako.

That was not all he left... For we have honour of the only living (at least Clan size:P) DB Database. I believe as of now it's fully upto Date... mail me if it isn't in any particular area house summits....


With a New Summit, comes a fresh start. Aleema has completed a Roster Check and a Report of "Everything in Order" was given by the Questor! Communication appears to be all well... Once the summit is settled I hope to see a Rise to fame!


With a Solid Summit, comes Solid Results! I believe our Obelisk Jedi are still leading the Brigade League and still showing the rest who's boss! The kind of News I like to hear!! Keep up the good work.


Our biggest house and still very strong. Now in need of an Aedile to replace the position I left, Ricardo the Questor is looking for the right kind of jedi! New CMDR GRD Sickman leads the Domi's Disciples of Death, good luck in your new Command!

Only been ProConsul 4 days today.... If I've missed anything.. it'll be included in next week's report!

Q's Remember to have your reports in around Tuesday of next week and from now on if Possible. Also remember to post it on our Clan Database! that way we have a record from now on!

I'll be working closing with our Summits to form a new Competition, maybe a feud and to review our Award/Promotion/Assessment procedures. Nothing drastic.. just making sure our worthy jedi are Awarded for their hardwork! I have no doubts our Summits have this in order... Send ya details in Summits!

That's all for Now...

FM/COL Oldham/Praetorian 2-4/DGN Lichtor V

{IWATS-IIC/1/2/3-M/1/2-SM/1-TT} T/Pr:Death Sting
BSx2/PCx7/ISMx7/LoC-CSx5/CoB/OV-2E [LGNR]
TIE Corps Battlegroups Grand Champion 1999-2000
Sith Battle Master Drako(Sith)/ProConsul/Clan Satal Keto

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