Consul Report


Consul Report

--* Clan Taldryan Report *--

March 19, 2001

--==* Contents

==*Important Clan Announcements

*Consul Reports

*New Archanis Aedile

*New Dinaari Quaestor

*Taldryan Times Posted *==

==*Policy and Procedure Announcements

*Clan Taldryan eGroup Changes

*Clan Taldryan Domain Update

*Big Poppa Jac's Personal Policy changes

*IRC Junk *==

==*Promotions and Medal awards

*Grrrr...lousy fricken Database *==

==*New Members

*Grrrr...lousy fricken Database *==

==*Dark Brotherhood News

*Nothing *==

==*Reports From the Past Week

*Bah *== *==--

--Important Clan Announcements--

--==*Consul Reports

Okeydokey everyone....You're gonna be able to expect my reports every Monday from

here on out. I am required to get in a report every week before Thursday with

Faethor, so I will be sending these reports to the Dark Council along with all

of you. I don't know if I like the format yet...hehehe....I gotta work on it.

One of the things that I will be working toward doing from here on out is making

an e-mail to the clan just about everyday. I do not like making long reports,

so aside from this report, my future ones will not contain DB news and some other

things. I plan on taking DB news and putting that out as it comes, or putting

it all out in one e-mail every week. I will also be compiling a competition listing

and sending that out during the week at some point. If you do not like getting

an e-mail from me almost everyday....tough. Yacko and I have taken steps to cut

down on the extra Bloat Mail that comes along with reports like these, so you

can deal with my mails.

For the benefit of members of other houses, and for the Dark Council I am including

reports from house Quaestors. Please take the time to read what is happening in

other houses.... *==--

--==*New Archanis Aedile

I would like to begin by saying thank you to everyone who applied for the position

of Aedile of House Archanis. Aedile is a very important position and because you

didn't get it doesn't mean you aren't good enough and it certainly doesn't mean

we don't like ya..:)

The new Aedile for Archanis is Dark jedi Knight ShadowHawk! Congrats!!

ShadowHawk and Tiger will be working closely together on projects such as Archanis

vs. Avenger and other projects to get Archy back up and running!! Shadowhawk has

my full confidence and will contribute much to Archanis to help make it the most

active house in the DB. *==--

--==*New Dinaari Quaestor

After a long time of deliberating and talking to people, a Quaestor for Dinaari

has been chosen. This person is none other than Kir Katarn! Congrats Kir! Kir

has done an excellent job as Aedile and he will now get a chance to try and fill

Jordo's shoes. I am confident that he will do wonderful.

With that being said....we will be taking Dinaari Aedile applications. Please

mail applications to Kir, Yacko, and Myself. ([Log in to view e-mail addresses], [Log in to view e-mail addresses],

[Log in to view e-mail addresses]) *==--

--==*Taldryan Times Posted

As posted from Crix Madine:

"The latest issue of the Tal Times has been posted at You'll notice that there are few

submissions. I need you guys to send me stuff. When you send stuff in for

any non-flying comp, I want you to CC me so that I can put it in the Times.

I don't care how bad you think it looks, just send it to me. The next issue

will be out on the 31st. What that means is that I need everything you want

in the Times sent to me by the 30th. Also, please send me stories as

attachments when possible, it makes it a lot easier on me and Blitz. You

can also think of it this way: if you don't send me stuff, yux will yell at

me cause I can't get the Times out on time and then when he finds out that

it's because there are no submissions, he'll yell at you and you know you

don't want yux yelling at you. That's all for now...send in the



In Darkness,

CMDR-TCC:XWA-TCT/CPT Crix Madine/Spectre/Avenger Wing I/SSD Avenger

PCx2/ISMx10/MoI/LoC-CSx5/CoL/CoB [DRAG] {IWATS-M/1/2-PHP/1-SM/2}

DJK Crix Madine III (Sith)/Archanis of Taldryan,


SP Crix Madine (Sahare)/HC:7 [LXY:Dark Side][ESHU:Force's Fury][YT 2000:



I would like to encourage participation in the Taldryan Times. We need people

to submit things to them so we can get it lookin good. The Tally Times will

be submitted to the Dark Voice whenever Khyron gets that done (don't hold your

breath). When that happens I will look toward getting medals for your submissions....


__--==*Policy and Procedure Announcements

--==*Clan Taldryan eGroup Changes

Ok. After a barrage of complaints about the excess e-mail going through [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Yacko and I have decided to restrict access to the group. From here on out there

will be two changes. First, the group will be moderated. That means that I will

read your e-mail first and then decided whether or not it is good enough to

pass along to the clan. Second, the eGroup will go to a reply-to-author standard.

This means that if you reply to this the e-mail will go to me whereas it would

have gone to the eGroup before. We'll see how this works and make additional

changes if necessary. For the meantime, please try to use the Taldryan Message

Board more and more! *==--

--==*Clan Taldryan Domain Update

I'm workin on it....hold yer horses. I am trying to find cheap hosting that

will support a multitude of languages (PHP4, ASP, ect...) If you all know of

anything good...e-mail it to me... *==--

--==*Big Poppa Jac's Personal Policy changes

I know I've already spoken a bit about this, but I just want to say it again..:)

I will be sending out almost an e-mail a day on various things. If you don't

like this, tough...

I have started a personal file on members that have submitted things for me.

Once the database is up I will complete the rest of the files. I will be using

these to help me give promotions and medals.

If you want a medal or think you deserve a promo...e-mail me...

This section will be better later...hahahah *==--

--==*IRC Junk

I want to encourage all members to get on IRC more. I have been trying to be

on most of the day everyday (except the past few bad). IRC, as has

been said before, is the best way to get ahold of everyone and the best way

to socialize. Please join us in #Taldryan!! *-- *--__

__--==*Promotions and Medal awards

--==*Grrrr...lousy fricken Database

The Damn database is still gone....can't give promos till it's up really...sorry

boys and girls *==--

__--==*New Members

--==*Grrrr...lousy fricken Database

The Damn database is still gone....can't give medals till it's up really...sorry

boys and girls *==--

__--==*Dark Brotherhood News

There is absolutely nothin to report....go figure *==--__

__--==*Reports From the Past Week

I'm going to add the reports starting Monday...a lot of the news is old, and

not relevant now...

That's it for this report boys and girls....see ya on the flip side...

Lord Jac Cotelin, Consul of Clan Taldryan

Grand Master Emeritus

Fleet Admiral, Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet

Grand High Imperial Pimp In Training

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