Consul Report


Consul Report


Dark Greetings

This is my first Clan report due to the recent "inactive" period of the Brotherhood. I did recieve a Clan report from CON Trevarus Cearick and it had an excellent outline with what I should include, however after an "attack" on the PC from my sister I was forced to format the HD, reinstall windows and due to this lost the e-mail! I hope that this first repoirt is not to short, however by next week it will hopefully ahve improved in structure and size!

I took over from Corran Force after his ascension to the Dark Council, where, may I add, he is doing a remarkable job. I am still relatively unfamiliar with the majority of members, however I am getting their slowly but surely! Everyone has been excellent on IRC and through e-mail, so I hope that I will be able to really help take CSK to the top, their are some excellent members here and their is definitely great potential...

DB News:

The Brotherhood site is looking brilliant. SCL Corran Force has returned from leave and no doubt more features will be added as we speak. His Praetor, Zsinj, has also just finished coding the Chancellor's form so medal's will be en route...!

It is with great sorrow I announce the departure of Arania Lawakiro from the KHP office. She was long servinga and performed an excellent job during her tenure. You will be sorely missed, however...Congratulations to the NEW Krath High Priest Voranyen. He is an excellent worker and ideal for teh Krath office. I have worked closely with Voranyen (my AED at Qel-Droma) and know he is more than capable of running this position to his fullest.

Congratulations to DA J`Lek upon ascension to the Head Masters office. I have been working closely with the HM and he has some excellent, if not revolutionary ideas. Stay tuned for a new and DAMN fine Shadow Academy, more on that as it happens.

The Assembly of Consuls has also been founded during this past week. It serves as a voice to the Dark Council from the Clans, with GM Jac Cotelin, acting as (EMS)Emissary. It is soon to be added to the DSC and if any of the summit have any major issues they need to discuss, the AoC is another route with which to solve problems.

House Happenings:

Aleema currently has a very low membership, however most House's throughout the Brotherhood are in the same position. So far I have only recieved 1 submission for the internal House competition...get submitting guys! I will be working closely with the Aleema in order to try and improve membership and get the House as fully functional as possible.

Galthain has just appointed a new Aedile - congratulations to DJK Gord! Also congratulations to SBL Ricardo upon your promotion. Still the largest of the 3 Houses and going strong! Keep up the good work everyone...

Kirleta is proudly holding top spot on the Brigade league through Vashino brigade - well done all of you, keep it up and do CSK proud.

As always if any of you have any questions pelase don't hesitate to e-mail [Log in to view e-mail addresses], [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or your QUA. Everyone keep up the good work and I hope to be launching some Clan competitions within the next week. More info on the SA, AoC and DB site next week..

KAP Mejas Doto (Krath)/P:HM/CON/Satal Keto/GC/SC-SoI/BZ-GQ w/1/DC-KC-O-C-Dw/4/(BNAg)/(DSS) {SA: CORE} {IWATS:GFX}

Clan Satal Keto:

Mejas's Office:

Dark Brotherhood Site: http://www.darkbrotherhoodofjedi/dbjedi/






-Now to get used to sending this in earlier. I usually did them on Friday,
as you may remember. :P

-I'd like to welcome AD Quake to Aleema. You probably all well know that
he's the former Lord Ambassador, and currently the Command Attaché to SA
Kawolski, the EH XO. Quake, please send me your DB info ASAP... I'll also
talk to you about the Aleema web page Mejas said you were thinking of doing.

-As soon as the roster database is back up to full function, I'll be doing
medal and promotion requests for some of you guys. Stay tuned!


Krath Epis Jacen Nightflyer

Quaestor, House Aleema of Satal Keto
Praetor to the Grand Master
KE Nightflyer(Krath)/QUA-P:GM/Aleema of Satal Keto,



SBL Ricardo reporting in for House Galthain on 04/11/01...


1) The new Dark Brotherhood page is up and running at: Check it out!!


1) Check out for Clan news and


1) At long last, an Aedile has been promoted for House Galthain!!
Congratulations to the new Dark Jedi Knight and Aedile, Gord Darkonian! I
know he will do a terrific job aiding me in running the house, so make him
feel welcome :)

2) The House Galthain competition is still going on!! It will run until
April 15th. Assignments for singleplayer pilots are: XWA 5, XvT 10, & TIE
134. There will be a multiplayer melee also!
*TIME: Sunday, April 15 at 800PST/1100EST/1600GMT. It will be 4 hours long.
*PLACE: Room #CSK, on an Undernet server, on IRC.
*WHO: Delphian Commander, Sith Warrior Adrenaline will be hosting and taking

scores :)
*MISC:We will incorperate both XWA and TIE platforms into this comp, XWA
being your
typical 5/5 style online matches, for TIE we will use Single Player free
missions chosen by the 2 pilots - flown within a given time frame, whoever
returns with the highest score wins the match.

Awards for the comp depend on participation- so fly, fly, fly! More
participation=more/better medals. Also, the squadron with the best
participation will earn a nice distinction as #1 in Clan Satal Keto ;)

3) I've learned that I've been promoted to the rank of Sith Battlelord;
thank you to Consul Mejas and Proconsul Drako for considering me :)

4) I will be working to get an updated Galthain Roster on the new DB page


SBM Ricardo has been promoted to the rank of Sith Battlelord.

Clan Satal Keto:
House Galthain:
House Galthain Roll:
Domi's Disciples of Death: TBA

Shadow Acadamy:
The Dark Side Compendium,
Grand Master's Throne Room,
Dark Brotherhood Message Board,
Dark Brotherhood:
Emperor's Hammer:


WC/GN Alec Ricardo/Wing IV/SSSD Sov

[IWATS-SM/1/2-TM-mIRC] * {PIN- #275} * Rat 5- T/D "Sable"
Wing IV Domain -

House Galthain's Quaestor
SBM Ricardo (Sith)/Galthain of Satal Keto [GC/SC/WC/DC]

"Death, thunder, destruction and brawl!"





House Kirleta of Clan Satal Keto Report

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Good evening men, how are things around the house? I ask, because it has been so quiet, not much has happened around here in the past two and a half weeks, hense the reason for the lack of reports. Right now, there isn't much going on, so I expect a slump, but I want to see us pick up the activity level in the near future.
Now then, the news:


Dark Brotherhood News

OHC Dread has announced a new Obelisk competition, so get to work!! Dread has informed me that he's recieved no submissions thus far, so get them in, cuz you have a good chance to win. The details are:

** ** Obelisk "Redesign Armor" Competition

I will be starting an armor redesign competition for the dull current Obelisk armor. It will run for 2 - 3 weeks.

** ** Dates: The competition will begin on April 8th, and end on April 22nd. ** ** Submission Requirements: A front, back and profile view are required for the armor. There are no restrictions on the design-- anything goes, but the scarier and more intimidating, the better. Send submissions in jpeg format to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. ** ** Rewards: The winning Obelisk will recieve a medal (probably a grand cross or steel cross), and his armor will replace the old armor as the new Obelisk standard.

There's a whole bunch of other news is at, so go check it out!

Clan Satal Keto News

  • <div align="left"> <div align="left">Clan recruitment drive! Time to spread the word about the DB, CSK, and most of all, Kirleta. Go out to the zone, on usenets, on MUDs, anywhere that someone might be interested in star wars, and own the game Jedi Knight, you will find potential members. If you need pointers on ways to recruit, do not be afraid to come and ask me, as I have plenty of tips to give out. A Dark Cross will be rewarded to the any member that gets 3 new guys into the house, and promoted to ACO.</div></div>

    • <div align="left"> <div align="left">Galthain QUA Ricardo has been promoted to the rank of Sith Battlelord, so congrats go out to him.</div></div>
    • <div align="left"> <div align="left">At long last, an Aedile has been promoted for House Galthain!! Congratulations to the new Dark Jedi Knight and Aedile, Gord Darkonian!</div></div>
    • <div align="left"> <div align="left">Other news can be checked at</div></div>

House Kirleta News

  • <div align="left">The Brigade League is due to end this weekend. Looks like we've won it, because we're over a hundred points ahead of the nearest competitor. Congratulations to you all, this isn't my victory, you guys earned this yourselves and most of you will be recieving rewards.</div>

    • <div align="left">The "Kick the Crap out of the AED" competition has been extended to Sunday, because alot of people have not tracked down, so, get on IRC between 5 and 9 pm (CST) and take on DH in a quick game!</div>
    • <div align="left">ACO Nightcrawler has been declared AWOL, and will be removed from the roster shortly.</div>
    • <div align="left">Kirleta Supremacy Competition will be starting this weekend or next, after I get with DH and discuss the specifics for my idea. I expect full participation from this, from everyone! glares at a certain non-fighting JH, you know who you are</div>

That's all for this week, there's not alot that is going on at the moment, but enough to keep you busy, the biggest thing is to get us some members, we're down to 8 with the loss of Nightcrawler. I really NEED everyone to get out there and start getting us more members, and don't just go up to someone and tell them to join us, if you don't know how to recruit, email me, AIM me, or msg me on IRC, and I will instruct you on very effective ways to recruit. Good luck men, so until next week.


May the darkness defend,

Vice Admiral Obeliskian Battlemaster Wet Willy
Command Attaché to the Operations Officer
Quaestor of House Kirleta of Clan Satal Keto -

CA:OPS/VA Wet Willy/CA-7/SSSD Sovereign
GS/SS/BSx2/PCx5/ISMx24/MoI/MoT-1rh/IS-1PW/LoC-CSx8/MoC-4BoC/CoB/LoAx5/OV-2E [GALL] {IWATS-M/1/2-PHP/1-SM/1} - S/MIS Supersoaker Mark II
OBM (Obelisk)/QUA/Kirleta of Satal Keto

"Insanity is a playground for the uncreative"

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