Consul Report


Consul Report

--* Clan Taldryan Report *--

April 16, 2001

"hahaha... wait i thought u were on crack?" -Sharad Hett

(in reply to Jac's complaint of people saying he was on crack)

No one Fear! Jac is here!

hahaha...that was dumb..

Boys and Girls, I gotta tell ya, I am VERY excited about what is happening in

Taldryan these days! What's happening you ask? Activity! I see it rising, I see

people talking, I see the QUAs ans AEDs doing there jobs and I see people starting

to have a good time again! This is a good thing..:)

I have a lot of great stuff in the Report, so please read it all! There are some

things in here that you need to know how to participate in, cause I'm in a promo/medal

giving mood!

-Your Loving Consul-

--==* Contents

==*Important Clan Announcements

*An excerpt from Jac's new book, Pimpin' for Dummies.

*Flechette Returns!

*You better kick ass in the Run-On!!

*Should Jac change his name? Or just adopt another Nickname?

*AoC needs YOUR help!

Vote for Mr and Miss EH!!!!!! (Yacko, Shadowhawk and Alanna!)==

==*CCC (Clan Competition Crap)

*JRDC#3 Results

*Rename the VSD Compy-Comp Resulty-sults

==*Policy and Procedure Announcements

*Recruitment Items

*Clan Taldryan Domain Update

*Big Poppa Jac's Personal Policy changes

*IRC Junk *==

==*Promotions and Medal Awards

==*Dark Brotherhood News

Blah Blah Blah==

==*Reports From the Past Week



*Dinaari *== *==--

--Important Clan Announcements--

--==*Jac's Pimp Daddy Speech

"I don't want to be a playa no mo! I'm not a playa. I just crush a lot."

Pulled from Jac's new book Pimpin' for Dummies:

"Chapter Twenty-Two - The Ego Factor

For a while now we have been talking about your perceptions of yourself. We have

discussed your ladder, your integrity in following through with things, and your

ability to cope with those moments in which you think you aren't as cool as you


What we will be discussing in the chapter is mostly the way people see you with

your new found coolness. We will be discussing the three types of people: The

Cool People, The Followers, and The Jealous Boyfriend.

The Cool People: This is who we will be spending the most of our time with, so

obviously there is not that much of a problem with the way Cool people look at

you. Most truly cool people will look at another of their kind and say "Damn!

That's one cool cat, G!" This is a positiive thing. The reason Cool people

thrive in a society such as ours is because they serve to decrease your Ego Factor.

Most people don't know what the Ego Factor is, so I will explain. The Efacto is

much like the coolness ladder, but is not dealt with by you. Efacto is someone

else's opinion of your ego. The higher the Efacto gets, the worse off you are.

A high Efacto means you are an egotistical prick who thinks only of himself. A

low Efacto means that you are one cool cat.

Now cool people tend to look at the pimpness of others, not as Ego, but rather

as funness. Thus, the Cooler and Pimper you are, the lower the Efacto of you a

cool person will have. This is why as cool people we tend to associate with other

cool people. We thrive by their company!

The middle ground of the Ego Factor is the Followers. The name is exactly wat

it means. This is a group who knows what cool is, but hasn't grasped the concepts

for themselves. You normally will develope a mild Efacto here, but it's nothing

to be concerned about. The Followers may appear to not like you at some points,

but deep down they are in love with your coolness. I always keep a few of these

around to laugh at my jokes...:)

When I was growing up my favorite quote went something like this "The downside

to being better than everyone else is that people tend to presume you're pretentious."

That quote is directly in corespondance our third group: The Jealous Boyfriend.

I hate these guys! The Efacto is so high that it's not fun to be around them...and

it's not worth your time to try with them. These are the guys who have cute girls

who fall for you after like two minutes, hence the name. The JBs will do whatever

is in their weak power to try and ndermne you at every point of your life. Just

try to ignore them and make jokes at their expense when they are within hearing


Up next: How to get around those Physical "problems""

If you'd like a copy of my book, just e-mail me for my address...It's $10 plus

shipping and handling....:) *==--

--==*Flechette Returns!

You heard it right here folks! The big MiSFiT himself! Flechy Flech has returned

to activity! This was pulled from the Clan_Taldryan eGroup!


"The Fleshybot is Back"


The Section Jac forgot to include (Bad Jaccy)


>>Damn, I thought I would've at least made the report if we can tell everyone

>>Yacks is the man... (which he is, by the way). Well, I'm back people.


>>a period of, extended leave...I'm back and active. ;)

>>Everyone's favorite Sithlet is alive and well! Ah! Best of all, I don't


>>care about ranks, medals, or anything, and I'm looking forward to stirring


>>trouble... ;) I mean, I'm gonna have fun! Really! Anyway, I've been doing


>>lot of banner work for people lately, so if you want any banners for things

>>done, go ahead and e-mail me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. Um....that's


>>it. Oh yeah, I'm pretty damn high on my coolness ladder. Just thought


>>mention that. :P


>>-SBM Fleshybot

Great to have you back, buddy!*==--

--==*You better kick ass in the Run-On!!

Ok everybody. Astatine has a kick-ass run-on going on on the Message board! It's

the first Run-on I've REALLY had fun doing, and it's just beginning! I want to

see as many Taldryan people posting on this as possible!

Be aware! I watch for sposting on the message boards and such as a good measure

for who deserves a promo or not! *==--

--==*Should Jac change his name? Or just adopt another Nickname?

As posted from the Ektrosis eGroup:

>>All in favour of Jac changing his name in the DB to Flash sign below..

>>After all, who wouldn't want to be in Grand Master Flash's clan? :P


>>-- DJK Kermee

>>DJK Kermee (Krath)/Ektrosis of Taldryan WR-PM w/1/DC-KC

What'cha all think? *==--

--==*AoC needs YOUR help!

Ok...I gotta do my job as Consul again..:)

The Assembly of Consuls is in full swing, talking about the problems in the DB

and doing what we can to change 'em. What I need from all of you is any thoughts

or suggestions you want me to bring to the AoC on your behalf. I need as much

as I can get!

Any ideas you have, you will be given credit if they go don't be

afraid to send them up. You actually have a better chance of getting it through

with us, and getting rewarded! *==--

--==*Vote for Mr and Miss EH!!!!!! (Yacko, Shadowhawk and Alanna!)

First of all.....I am PISSED that I didn't get nominated......If I don't get Mr.

EH next year you are all gonna die...!


I am VERY pleased to announce that THREE Taldryan members have been nominated!

THREE! They are our very own Yacko, Alanna, and ShadowHawk! Congrats guys!

I want EVERYONE to vote! EVERYONE! If you don't vote I'm going to come after you

with a sledge hammer!

Yacko and either Lannie or SH MUST win! Tell everyone you know that they need

to vote Taldryan! *== *==--__

__--==*Competition Crap

--==*Jac's Really Dumb Competition #3 results!!!

If you didn't participate in this, you are a lazy bastard.

Congrats again to ShadowHawk who was last week's Ninja Bustin' Cool Cat Sista!

Last week's competition was the following:

**Gaaaaah!!! Someone tied Jac's shoelaces together!! Who did it?!?!? WHO DID IT?!?!

Choose between the folloring people: Yacko, Kir Katarn, Arhiman'Saboath, Raist,

Blitz, Arania, Lannie, Sharad, Crix, or Kaiann...**

I'd have to say that Flech had the best story to go along with his...:) but Flech

didn't win...

The following people participated this week: Korhall, Raist, Tally, Arion, Psyko,

Sharad, Yux, Roth jalis, Flechette, Jedge, Myotis, Blitz. Kermee, Crix, Incan,

Kir, Jae, Betja, Marcus, Khaar, Ninja, Bubbs, Lannie, Pred, Werdna, JBean. If

your name isn't on that list you are lazy...

The correct answer: Arhiman'Saboath tied my showlaces together!! Damn you!!!!!


Werdna LB is the Pimp Doggie G-Funk Brotha of the week!!!

I'm keeping track of who gets what with these and constant participation and wins

will get reward!

Congrats LB and thanks all for playing....Wednesday I will be announcing the next

JRDC!! *==--

--==*Rename the VSD SuckName Competition

Like Yux said in his report, he and I have decided on the new name for the VSD.

I'd first like to thank everyone for submitting the was a hard choice!

The new name: VSD Illusion!

The winner: OBM Raistlin!

Congrats Raist! We'll get you a medal when the database is back up...!

__--==*Policy and Procedure Announcements

--==*Recruitment Items

Tally is running short on new recruits these days. I would like to encourage everyone

to go out and find some people to join. Go to the Zone or other Star Wars Clubs,

or the TC or the BHG or whatever...We need people!

Please CANNOT recruit from other clans....they can come to us, but

we can't go to them...

--==*Clan Taldryan Domain Update

I started this weekend with the redesign of the page..I have in my mind what I

want to do...just gotta do it..!!*==--

--==*YourName @!!!

I keep on discovering nifty little thing about the hosting service I hired. Evidently

I'm allowed unlimited ammounts of forwarding addresses.

What does this mean?

This means YOU can get a [Log in to view e-mail addresses] address that will forward mail to

your current account!

How do you get this?

Just hit reply and tell me your name...hahahah

current addys: Blitz, Bubbles, CG, Cotelin (that's me), crix, depriest,

ghost, jbean, kir, marcus, raistlin, ravnos, sharad, times.

IMPORTANT!! If you want to send something to the Taldryan Times you can now just

use [Log in to view e-mail addresses] *==-

--==*Big Poppa Jac's Personal Policy changes

Be funky... *==--

--==*IRC Junk

I want to encourage all members to get on IRC more. I have been trying to be on

most of the day everyday. IRC, as has been said before, is the best way to get

ahold of everyone and the best way to socialize. Please join us in #Taldryan!!

*-- *--__

__--==*Promotions and jazz

--==*JH Korhall Promoted!

For his consistent service to Taldryan and for showing enthusiasm for this club

over a long span of time, Jedi Hunter Korhall of Dinaari is hereby promoted to

the rank of Dark jedi Knight!

Congrats Korhall, and thanks!*-- *--__

__--==*Dark Brotherhood News

"Trivia for the DB Meeting of April 14, 2001 . . .

1st Place: ACO Tiger/House Calibernus of Clan Scholae Palatinae

2nd Place: DJK Incandescence (Obelisk)/Dinaari of Taldryan

Trivia Moderator: SW Crix Madine III (Sith)/Archanis of Taldryan"

Yaaaay! Go Incan and Crix...!

"From the GM: 1) The DB site is almost 100% functional. SCL Corran Force

has now added the roster search feature, and it has been refined by Astatine.

My thanks go out to both of them.

2) Our renewing of the database is coming along well. Everyone should check

the Roster ( to ensure they are listed. If

you don't see your name, you're not in the DB:P You need to send the SCL and/or

MAA the following info:

ID Line - Your full ID line, including Order, House, Clan, rank

Email address

Date joined - Guess if you don't know

Date last promoted - also guess if you don't know

3) I have decided to shut down the Envoys. I can't really condone keeping something

that has no purpose in the DB. This is not to say they are gone forever, but

simply to say that until I manage to think of some purpose for them, they are

no longer part of the DB. SWL Shadow, KE Nightflyer and myself have all been

trying to come up with an idea for them, and unfortunately, none of us has been

able to.

4) As most of you know, I am moving from my home in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

to Touliu, Yunlin County, Taiwan. As this is a MAJOR move, I will be going on

leave for what may be up to two weeks starting Monday, April 16, 2001. I hope

that it will be less, but I don't know that it will.

The DB will be in DGM Astatine's capable hands, and he will be responsible

for the day to day operation of the club. Please mail him with any concerns

you have while I am away.

The DB is fairly stable now, with the changes I've made, and I don't foresee

any trouble while I am gone.

I will be checking my mail periodically, but will likely only be replying to

very very important matters until I get a stable internet connection over there.

My thanks for your patience in this wonderful time of transition for me:)

** DEPUTY GRAND MASTER UPDATE [From Dark Jedi Master Darth Astatine] **

  1. First off I'd like to say thanks to the two people who submitted their competitions

to the form on my site before I had officially mandated that all competitions

had to be approved by the form. If it was so easy for them to do it before it

was required, why is it so hard for the rest of you to do it now when it is

required? I don't think I can quite emphasis how important submitting competitions

will be.

When I look to see how active a clan or house is, I will be looking at the

list of competitions on my site and it will form a

primary yardstick on how active I think that clan/house is and (most importantly)

if that clan/house and/or its leadership deserves praise, reward or a "little

chat". At the moment, no award restrictions are being placed on the competitions

you enter, unlike the system used on the TO site for TC competitions. At this

time, it's merely a means of measuring activity. When the time comes to have

a look at this activity, no excuse will be acceptable. No "I mailed it

to you!" or "I couldn't access the site!". Mailing the competition

to me will not get it approved. I setup this system to remove those kind of

emails from my inbox and place them in an automated online system whereby we

all benefit from increased speed and efficiency (ie. going from the 30 seconds

of approval time to 3 seconds now, plus you get a pretty email in the deal too).

If you have problems accessing the site (and it appears that annoying DNS problem

is popping up again for some), then get someone else to enter the details for


  1. That being taken care of, the two people that did submit the comps were

QUA Kir Katarn (House Dinaari) and QUA E. Tarkin (House Oriens Obscurum). Also,

I've gotten competitions submitted from QUA Proton (House Tridens), House Galthain

and PCON Yacko (Taldryan).

  1. I'm currently developing the events for the next big DB comp. If you have

an idea for something you think might be a good event idea (outside the usual

fiction/flying/fighting stuff), then email it to me.

  1. There's a runon on the DB message board, spawned from the twisted mind of

me. Check it out (I'd paste the URL but I can't access the board at the moment).

  1. I recoded part of the search page (

The part I redid was the Search By... bit that includes searching by name or

email address. If you have any comments about it, feel free to send them to

myself and the SCL.

  1. I've decided to set a firm date for the webpage audit. I'll be started at

1st of next month. If your respective site URLs aren't in the database by then,

you will be "failed".


1) The Consuls were very pleased to see the approval of the Assembly of Consuls

by the Grand Master. We all believe that this is a great step in the betterment

of the Brotherhood. Look for good things to come!

2) The AoC has started its first topics of discussion. These have mainly included

the way things will be handled in the AoC and also regarding my role as Emissary.

3) As previously stated, the role of Emissary will just be to provide a means

of communication between the Dark Council and the AoC. It in no way implies


4) The members of the AoC have decided to go to their individual clans and

poll members on what they would like to see done with the DB. If you have any

thoughts you would like discussed, or if you have a proposal that will benefit

the whole DB, please e-mail your Consul.

5) I have just recently brought up the subject of the Brotherhood medals. If

you have any thoughts on the status of our medal system please e-mail your Consul."


__--==*Reports From the Past Week


As posted by ProConsul Yacko:


Anyways, after that, it's time to get into the actual report, where I

try to point out cool stuff, and give news, etc. Anyways... lets get the

hell on with it... I'm tired :P


Well, simply to get into the spirit of the season, I'm announcing a fun

competition, that may involve a DC for a prize, but might not, that's up to

the DGM and his competition approval form of death.


50 WORDS OR LESS. Best entry wins.

Entries are graded on: Humour, Originality, and General Evilness.


Well, I'm sure you all remember that Jac announced that we wanted to

rename our VSD. We took submissions, (although for such an easy competition,

submissions were extremely low), and we found one that was best appreciated

by both Jac, and myself.

Therefore, I would like to congratulate Obelisk Battlemaster Raistlin

for renaming Clan Taldryan's Flagship, and Field Base, the VICTORY STAR


There's probably some minor and crappy medal in your future Raisty :P


Well, I'm already liking this, I talked to Crix today, and it seems we

already have 7 submissions for this one coming up. It's being delayed a week

due to the Holiday Weekend, so that just gives everyone the extra chance to

get in some more submissions.

Krath, I know some of you just did a House Anthem competition, and

those submissions, are viable for submission. So how about we see them?

Obelisk, if any of you are participating in the Obelisk redesign

competitions, those too, are viable submissions.

Anyways, look forward for the next issue coming out on the 22nd of


(BTW: I have been informed by the "save the blitzanity foundation"

that if

you want to be really nice, you can submit stories in HTML format ;)


Thanks to the efforts of DJK Werdna Elbee, I now have the image of the

award for PCON's pick of the Taldryan Times. This will be announced within a

few days of the issue being released, and will be yours to keep until the

next issue.

The name of this award? "The Grand High Imperial Pimpin' Appentice".


very prestigious award indeed.

To get this award, you obviously need to have a submission. The best

image, story, or anything that's in the Tal Times will get the prize...

whatever speaks to me the most.


Been a very, very busy week, so not much has been completed on this.

Sometime in the week I will work on getting the text of it out, and might

even employ someone to build me the page for it. Anyways, this is going to

be a good one, and it's not a competition per se, it's just an activity

builder. I don't see a near end to this Operation.. something that Taldryan

can always work on... or at least for awhile ;)


Our valiant Sith Pilots have now engaged in a competition with the Sith

of Clan Naga Sadow. Obviously, we know that we can slaughter them

mercilessly, if we had full participation... which I would like to see.

The best of luck to our Sith troops in this endeavour!!


Basically, we got our roster up on the fastest of any

respectable Clan, so we got a special mention... cool shyte eh?

Good work on getting everything in and operating peoples!


Go here... simple enough :P;forum_id=5&amp;days=5

Anyways peoples, that's the report for this fine evening... have a safe,

drunken, and happy easter weekend!

Proconsul of Clan Taldryan,

Sith Battlelord Keirdagh "Yacks" Cantor" ==--*


As posted by QUA Ravnos:

"Boooh! Hey folks, guess who's back?

Yah, it's your almighty, powerful, handsome, humble, latin QUA! =P

Well, computer is working now... I don't know why it took the guys so long to

see it had problems, but at least they gave me a new, bigger HD for free. Cooler

still sounds like a 747, but I'll have the tech come and take a look.

Anyway, the basics are already installed... got 135 emails to read, and probably

a lot of replies waiting. I don't plan on sleeping today, so it should be easy.

=) I'll be emaling you again as soon as I'm updated.

It's good to be back with you again. =)



As Posted by AED Sharad Hett

"Time for the weekly updates everyone. All that goes on in Dinaari is

increasing due to this Galeres competition thankfully.

Well the Galeres comp isn't moving too fast. However, this isn't due to

our lack of activity. I guess if you were in another house you wouldn't

want to come on IRC to get your ass whooped by a Dinaari member either. Oh

well keep up the activity and try to play Galeres members when they're

on. By the way they tend to hang out in that scary channel, #arcona. We

have one win and one loss so far. The competition ends April 23rd, so

let's win this.

Another comp for you guys that came up is an Obelisk wide comp. It is an

armor redesign comp, so get those graphics moving. Check for details on and e-mail me or Kir if you have any questions.

Well seeing as I just mentioned the Dinaari website I'm proud to announce

that it's finally done. Hell it even has an update on it already. I have

more quotes to add to my AEDs office so check back frequently. Updates

hopefully will be often. Anyhow speaking of the Dinaari site it seems as

if there have been complaints. People with 640x480 resolution can't read

all the material on the flash site, the load time is too slow, and there

should be an html site for those without flash are common ones. Well it

seems as if we will need an html site (html = lame). CG was offering to

build one before, but I'll be doing one or helping him very soon if he

hasn't gotten started already. So, look forward to ANOTHER Dinaari site,

this one in html.

On the DB database we have all our members listed except for Khaar and Mav

(who I already e-mailed Chi-Long about). We also have the member TK-42-1

that I mentioned before. For those of you who don't know him that's

Kelric's (CON of Arcona) brother (kind of ironic huh?). Anyhow I have

never seen him before, so hopefully he'll get his butt active soon. Don't

forget to keep recruiting guys. We can never have enough active

members. Also, as soon as the SA is up we will have a new member that I

recruited named SwipeR. Therefore, if you see him on irc get to know him

if you haven't already. He's a real cool guy.

Well that's it for this report. Keep up the good work guys.

OW Sharad Hett (Obelisk)/AED/Dinaari of Taldryan/SC/[GMRG: SEN]" *==--


That's it for this report boys and girls....see ya on the flip side...

Lord Jac Cotelin, Consul of Clan Taldryan

Grand Master Emeritus

Fleet Admiral, Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet

Grand High Imperial Pimp In Training

Clan Taldryan Web Site:

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Web Site:

The Dark Side Compendium:

Brotherhood of the Dark Jedi Message Board:;forum_id=5&amp;days=5

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