Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Marka Ragnos Weekly Report #1 - 29/07/01


Well it has been a busy time recently. So the news in brief:-

Iylan Kano promoted to Krath Priest and Quastor of HMR

DJK Bob-Fett awarded the position of Aedile of HMR

Kale elevated to Consul of Clan Naga Sadow

Daihok appointed as new ProConsul

DGM Astatine removed from his position delaying the start of the Vendaettat

Dark Jedi Master Z'Lar Kahn on his appointed new DGM

Rizlib assignment to the position of OHC

We got hammered in the fued, but I have found just found some entries that were sent to me while I was on leave. They cannot be counted

towards it, but they will definatly be looked at for medal and promotion point consideration.

New Dark Libary put up by DJK StarLion at http://starlion.hutley.com/HMRLib/


Total Members: 16

Quaestor: Iylan Kano [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Aedile: Bob-Fett [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Dark Jedi Master Shups

Epis Trevarus Caerick

Archpriest Alex

Archpriest Mordann

Priest Enerum

Priest Shae-Lynn Jade

Dark Jedi Knight Ghost Dog

Dark Jedi Knight StarLion

Dark Jedi Knight Tharivol Endymiron

Jedi Hunter Ayudanter Clars III

Guardian Li Mu Bai

Acolyte Figaro

Acolyte Imperial

Acolyte J'Rai


None, Recruit!


Iylan Kano to KP and Quastor

Bob-Fett to Aedile


None. Come on people lets see something worthy of reward.


Team Total: 7

Tetrarch Ghost Dog ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Tyro Trevarus Caerick

Tyro Shae-Lynn Jade

Tyro Li Mu Bai

Tyro Tharivol Endymiron

Tyro Shups

Tyro Figaro

Contact Ghost Dog in order to join.

Ghost Dog, I want a Phyle report sent to myself and Bob every Wednesday from now on please.


The DB Vendetta is due very soon and I am also going to start a new run-on in the comming days as well. I hope to see a lot of activity.

Don't forget that just because there is not a graphics competition, dosn't mean you can't make some graphics. In the same way, if there isn't a

compeition for what you enjoy doing the most then you can still do it and be noticed and rewarded for doing it.

Or why not tell me, Bob or Ghost Dog what type of competitions you would like to have we will put it on a list of future competitions.


In Darkness,

KP Iylan Kano (Krath)/QUA/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow,


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