Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

Just very quick announcements today, which I'm sure many of you are relieved about! <p>1. SA Graduates are up to 39. Their are currently 50 apprentices and 18 novices - move your butt's, the lot of you! <p>2. As all undergraduates know, the SA will be flushed 2 weeks from now. All House and Clan summit's, I urge you to push for your members to graduate as fast as possible. After this flush they will have only 30 days to graduate from the SA, rather than the previous 60 - I'm getting tough in my old age!!! From then after FLUSHES will be carried out every 35 days - CoFo can you set up an AUOT script for this? I do get a perverse pleasure from pressing the button, but what the heck - saves me in case I forget - please drop me a note about this....thanks. <p>3. Due to my trip to Belfast and ACO Kweeky being busy with work, he's been in Paris and LA!, we haven't yet been free to upload the front end of the new SA site. It IS all ready to rock but just need teh afncy front end to finish it off. Hopefully it'll be done this weekend....sincere apologies for the delay. <p>4. On this note I am looking for someone with PHP skills...anyone out there who feels they could do soem work for me, drop me a line with some details and maybe an example of your work. <p>5. Future SA work will hope to craete a more atmospheric SA, making it more Jedi-ish and un-IWATSish...more on this next week (I hope!). <p>6. The Grand Master and myself will hopefully speak at some point this weekend in relation to our monitoring of SA newbie graduates. This work will not only ensure the positive treatment of new graduates and help create better members, but will also analyse the House and Clan summits...so be afraid, very afraid... <p>That concludes this week's announcements :P <p>DA Mejas Doto

Head Master of the Shadow Academy <p>DA Mejas Doto (Krath)/HM/GC/SC-SoI/BZ-GQ w/1/DC-KC-O-C-Dw/4/(BNAg)/(DSSx4)/(LSS) {SA:CORE} {IWATS:GFX/ICQ/IIC1}</p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p>

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