Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

Krath Announcements for Week Ending 1/9/01:

1: Vendetta marking is going pretty well - as of Thursday at 6.45pm GMT I have two events left to mark. All my marking and all submissions will be being sent to DGM Z'lar Kahn for verification following my finishing with them.

2: New Krath website - hurrah! You can find it at Apparently this is better cause it's purple. :P

3: About two weeks Vendetta results for the Krath are out, I'll be starting up another competition, which I hope will be great fun. Keep your eyes and ears tuned for details!

4: I'm hoping to get a make a big push on finishing off the Krath Studies section of the SA once Vendetta marking is out of the way, cause it's been going on a while now, and I want to complete it.


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