Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

Krath Announcements for this week:

1: Don't forget your Murder Mystery League submissions are due in to me by next Saturday night (that's 29th September). I have already received one entry, and I look forward to receiving more as I know some Houses are working very hard on it.

2: It's come to my attention that I missed a medal in the recent medal award spree. If you are also missing a medal, get in touch with me asap and let me know your ID Line, the URL of your profile, and the event for which you should have received a medal. I think it was only the one, but just to make sure!

3: A new Krath Magistrate will be selected this weekend. Check the DB news and Krath news pages for further details a bit later.

4: Don't forget the Krath Message board! Fun and good times for all at

5: The Krath webpage is located at and can also be accessed via - it's a great place to pick up Krath news, vote in polls, and a hundred and one other cool membership options.

6: If you're a Krath, you should be on the krath mailing list! Simply send an email to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and you will be added to the list. It's a great medium for getting help, advice and just generally chatting with other members of the Order.

7: The SA Leadership Course has been sent to the AoC for comment before I send a final draft to Mejas. I'm hoping to get it sent by Wednesday, so with any luck the course should be active within the next couple of weeks.

8: The Krath Archives are going to be getting a total rework before I add anything else to them. In my search for more organisation, I decided a reshift was necessary. At some point soon (most likely Christmas break), I hope to attempt to code the thing into a database. Stand back and watch the explosions, folks!


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