Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


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Heres your weekly report. A day late and a credit short.


<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="#CD0000"> <tr> <td>REPORT SUMMARY</td> </tr> </table>

  • Operation BlackHammer Phase One Results

  • Envoys

  • CrimsonAngel's Monthly Flying Contest

  • Thursday Night Training

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#001 - Operation Blackhammer Phase One Results

The results are in and Diamond squadron kicked some @ss.

1st place: DJK Bob-Fett

2nd place: ACO Nakata

What the rewards are to be remain to be seen and as far as Phase Two; don't hold your breath waiting for it. :P

#002 - Envoy

The Society of Envoys has once again been changed (for details check the DSC), but your very own non-hot pant wearing Commander has been given the envoy position of House Ludo Kressh.

This has so far kept me pretty occupied, but not like we have anything going on in Diamond so far anyway. :P

#003 - CrimsonAngel's Monthly Flying Contest

Just Two Days Left!

Every month, what every mission you fly, you send the pilot files into CrimsonAngel ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), and, the person who acculates the most flying points, will recieve a Dark Cross and extra promo points. Its that simple!!


One Flying point per mission flow (If you fly a battle that consists of 6 mission, you get 6 flying points of course) You may fly in any platform(Tie, XvT, BOP, XWA) Participants are from HLK only! Yu still recieve a promo point for every mission flow as well

First place recieves a Dark Cross and 30 extra promo points

Second place receives 20 extra promo points

Third recieves 10 promo points!!

Its that simple.

Ends September 30th

Any questions, just email me, or bring it up on the Ludo Egroups

In drunkness

DJK CrimsonAngel (Sith)/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow

#004 - Thursday Night Training

Every Thursday night from 8-11pm EST on IRC in the channel #avenger is held a DB competition. It involves multiplayer matches of XvT, XWA, and JK. The winners of each match recieve a Cluster of Fire medal. So if your interested I recommend going, it will only help you in future DB competitions.

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="#CD0000"> <tr> <td>STANDING ORDERS</td> </tr> </table>

Do the Hokey Pokey and Turn yourself around.

What if thats what it is all about?

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="#CD0000"> <tr> <td>CURRENT ROSTER</td> </tr> </table>


FM/Open Position/Diamond 1-2

FM/Open Position/Diamond 1-3

FM/Open Position/Diamond 1-4

FL/GRD Sancho/Diamond 2-1

FM/Open Position/Diamond 2-2

FM/Open Position/Diamond 2-3

FM/Open Position/Diamond 2-4

FL/ACO Nakata/Diamond 3-1

FM/Open Position/Diamond 3-2

FM/Open Position/Diamond 3-3

FM/Open Position/Diamond 3-4

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="#CD0000"> <tr> <td>QUOTE OF THE WEEK</td> </tr> </table>

<crimster> ponder on this

<crimster> because drinking is our life, were we created to drink and get drunk?, or are we hear to drink and stay sober, or are we hear to drink and passout? or are we hear to drink and choke on our own vomit

<crimster> these questions are yet to be answered <p> CrimsonAngel

</p><p>That is all! </p><p>


DJK Bob-Fett(Sith)/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow

SC-SoA/WR-PM/BZ-BQ/DC-KC/(BNG) (DSS) {SA: CORE} </crimster></crimster></crimster>

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