Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

/me bows his head to avoid the Grand Masters stare of dissaproval, but i'm away again for the next 2-3 days. My girlfriend is coming over and she starts her new job soon then I'm off to Uni, so it may be a while before the next visit. However... <p>1) Major position changes within the Shadow Academy Staff. M:HM Betja Jun is now P:HM Betja Jun. While P:HM Aylius Khan is now M:HM Aylius Khan. This is due to Betja's increased activity and ideas, compared to Aylius not really regaining full activity after his illness. <p>2) Upon this appointment Betja has agreed to mark the BASICS exams fior the next few days, so you will all recieve your PASS/FAIL news within the day - but promo's won't be done until the Saturday night or Sunday when I'm back. <p>3) This SA site has near killed me. It's taken so long and has had so many complications. Now Kweeky who has left the EH and DB will not allow me access to the SA database he craeted which is waste of about 96 hours coding, but his choice all the same. It looked great but won't be used, however M:OHC Zlar Khan is gonna ASP it for me which is probably more compatible and better in the long run! Thanks and I look forward to working with you. <p>4) Lots of courses recently sent my way and when the new SA does open they'll ALL be up within it and ready to launch - it's gonna make mean extremely busy man! - AT LAST!! <p>5)Just wanna say I'm sorry to hear of KAP Arion's departure, may the Darkness guide you back to us soon...but am looking forward to another NEW DGM!!! Apply to Chi NOW! </p></p></p></p></p>

luv uy o\


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