Consul Report


Consul Report

Clan Taldryan Report

-From Jac to You-


This has been a very weird week for me folks....Almost getting fired can do that

to you. I'd like to again thank everyone for their support during that mess. It

would kill me to lose Taldryan.

I've been seeing a lot of steady activity from a lot of members. Steadyness is

good brothas and sistas. I'd like to see more of you on IRC more often. Even if

it's just for 20 minutes a day...that's better than nothing.

Since this is the thing that determines if I'm active or not -- you'll be seeing

more regular reports from me.....Yippie!

Everyone participate in the JRRC!

Inside this issue:

-The religion of choice: Jac's crazy speech

-New Clan RollMaster

-JRRCs start again

-New Members/Transfers

-Coming soon

Jac's Crazy Speech of the Week

Members of Clan Taldryan,

I come to you today as a man who has seen the light. I have been hit by a bolt

of lightning and lived. I have been sucked into Satan's abyss and come out whole.

I have drank the water of death but not died. I have swallowed a piece of glass

but not been cut. I have opened my eyes to see something great. I have been saved.

Saved Jac? Saved? You all ask me the same questions over and over, and thus I

am conveying the idea to you here, where all members can see the light of day....All

members can see the sacred teachings of...


The ancient religion only now brought to light. Taldrylam was in the past worshipped

by millions. But as the un-cool people stormed the earth, Taldrylam was swept

away -- leaving only a scroll and a purple feather. These have just been uncovered

while searching through my closet.

And now I present the ten commandments of Taldrylam!

-Taldryan is your clan -- no other clan shall come before it

-Though shalt not splurge our already slurged name even more

-You can't say "Screw Taldryan"

-Remember not to pee on the floor of #Taldryan

-Honor thy Father and Mother: that thy days may be long

-Though shalt kill -- but not kill monkeys -- for they are our mascot

-Though shalt not commit adultery...with Sharad

-No stealing from the Consul's closet

-Don't backstab lie and cheat....damnit

-Covett thy neighbor's corvette...then steal it

You shall follow these commandments wherever you may go. And fire and brimstone

will pour down from...sahare...and we will again institute a great state of Taldrylam,

and all will rejoice.

-Rev. Jac Cotelin

New Clan RollMaster

Everyone please congratulate our new RollMaster, GRD Octavian!!! w00t!

Octa will be assisting me in keeping better communication with the clan!

Thank you to everyone who applied.

JRRC up again



A New Gold Standard for Competitions

**No longer just dumb**

But Now Retarded!!


Jac's Really Retarded Compeitions!

The J.Double-R.C Was formally known as the JDRC -- Jac's Really Dumb Competitions.

But with the start of a new school year and the new re-focus of Jac's job description

(no longer having to focus on ANY DB issues), we're unanimously voted (Jac decided)

to bring a new level of Stupidity to the Competitions. By adding moving up on

the Stupidity-O-Meter, we have reached an all-time high! RETARDED!

That's right, retarded!!

This set of JRRC's will not only have the prize for winning, but a prize for most

retarded explanation and a prize for the fastest retard! Wooooo!

Soooo.....For those of you who want the title of Clan Taldryan's Pimpin Retard

of the Week...Here's This week's Category:

CATEGORY: Jac eating food

QUESTION: After Jac's recent threat to be removed from Consul and EMS because

he is "inactive" and has been for months, Jac became very depressed.

He tried suicide, he tried anti-depressants.....but none worked.....So Jac turned

to guess what...ICE CREAM!

How many Scoops of Ice Cream did Jac eat and why?

All answers need to be in by Wed. October 3rd!! Please make sure you just the

letters "JRRC" in the subject line else I won't count it!

And here are the rules:

  1. Must Be a member of Clan Taldryan to participate.

  2. Must use a subject line containing "JRRC" in your reply

  3. Must be willing to be called a retard if you win..:)

Have fun!


New Members/Transfers

Just one this time folks!

Everyone welcome ACO Vegeta to the clan!!!


Other Jazz

I would have other reports in here, but we haven't had any since the PCON report

came out.....

Please go refer to the PCON report....:)

Coming Soon

There are a lot of interesting changes coming to the DB - or so I hear -- I'm

guessing it's structural stuff.....I can't tell from what I've been told...

Yacko and I are going to be working on some exciting things for Taldryan over

the next week. The Council of Taldryan is going to get more involved and we will

be trying to set up some new standards for the Clan...:) Stay tuned...

That's about it....I'll have a lot more next week for ya..:)

Lord Jac Cotelin, Consul of Taldryan

Grand Master Emeritus

Fleet Admiral, Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet

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