Emissary Report


Emissary Report

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1) Thanks to all those who nominated me, and to GM Chi Long for allowing me to take on this awesome position!

2) Structure. That is the first part of my 2-sided goal in my first few weeks as EMS. I have written and sent to the AoC, a Bylaws for the group. We are going to discuss it and come out with a final product, which we will use as our set of rules for decorum. <p> 3) Advertisement. That is the other half of the goal. It is extremely important for all the Consuls and Proconsuls to get it into their member's heads that we are a powerful tool to voice their ideas and concerns to not only the Grand Master, but also the Dark Council as a whole. We have been rather dry of ideas as of recent, and any influx of new ideas would be grand. The Grand Master wanted me to also make it clear that he welcomes all ideas and for you not to refrain. Just because it doesn't get implemented right away, does not mean it won't stick in the back of heads for the future. :-) <p> 4) Office. I am brainstorming and idea for the Office of the Assembly, it will end up being a place for people to check what is currently on the docket for the Assembly, see what our past accomplishments are, and a place to allow members to send us ideas. When I am complete with this idea, I'll bring it before the Assembly and we will work it. <p> That's all for week #1, darkness guide. <p> ~EMS/KE Karva Dronaal</p></p></p></p>

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