Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

Apologies for the delay, thrown out of sync by unexpected work shift on Friday, then never got round to remedying the situation. However, here is the most anticipated announcements of the week (only cause they're by me, nothing else!)

1.Magus has begun work on the coding of the new SA site and I am assigning M:HM Crusader some more courses to code, hopefully this will speed up the entire process.

2.HRLD/DJM Kaine Mandaala is working on some snazzy images for the SA. EVERYBODY should be looking forward to some SA related eye pleasers!

3.Here is a short list of the courses that will be available when the SA site is coded and ready to rock:

SA Training: SA BASICS, DB BASICS and Character Profile - this would also mean graduates would finish their training at the higher rank of Protector.

General:Leadership course, DSC Studies (To be revised and re-added) and a FUN DJK Sabre Building course. All in stages of development.

Krath:Core Studies,Grammar,Run-On BASICS,Run-On ADVANCED [Plus lot's more to come (Fiction courses, Poetry courses) due to the wonderful staff in the Krath Office!!! Ta!]

Obelisk:Core Studies [There were also talks of a JK Skin Editing course, Level Design Course and GMRG Initial Training course - CoG Telaris we should discuss this again soon]

Sith:Core Studies [Still being finished off, just awaiting the newly created training missions (M:HM Aylius Khan get back to me on this!!!)]

4.I awarded my Praetor Betja Jun a Grand Cross of the Dark Side for his excellent work since joining my staff, initially as a Magistrate though he has now suceded as my Praetor - well deserved Betja!!!

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