Consul Report


Consul Report


Report #21 under the Consulship of Karva Dronaal
October 21st, 2001 <-

**Total Membership:

Clan Homepage:

Clan Summit Orders:

Clan Message Board:**<p> :[ Clan Summit Report ]:<p>

<font color="gray">Dark Greetings,</font>

Alrighty... a pretty good week in CSP. Slow going for the Obelisk and Sith, but like usual, a great week for the Krath. Bravo to Sabe who has led this house well in Cooch's absence.<p> Maverick was away this weekend so obviously no report from him, Ryell emailed me with why he was going to be late, so he is excused... but why no HC report? I will be emailing Ayuu and Tiger (even though he is away) and expect some answers.<p> Major news from me this week, CLAN & HOUSE EVOYS! We have no evoys for the houses, nor the Clan itself. So I hereby open applications for Clan Envoys and order the Quaestors/Aediles of each house to open applications for House Evoys. The Clan Envoy is a summit position and you ened to be at least DJK, email me and Maverick with your appy. For the House envoys, you need to be at least JH. Email your QUA/AED with the info. What do the ENV's do? Well your job is to collect History information and help compile it for the DSC and our records. Why is this cool? Because you will be instrumental in digging up and CREATING the history of our great Clan!!! If I get a good note from Trev on your work, expect some rewards from your friendly Consul. ;) <p> That's about it. Keep up the good folks! <p> Krath Epis Karva Dronaal


<font face="arial" size="4" color="darkgreen">:[ House Reports ]:</font><p> <font face="Halloween" size="5">**_

House Acclivis Draco

_**</font><font face="Verdana" size="2">House Summit

Quaestor: Cuchulain (

**Aedile: Sabé (

Oathmaster: Timbal (**

Tetrarch, Drynwyn's Flame: Alisande (

**Tetrarch, Dragon Guard: Cymbre (


**This is going on now, by order of the GM. Our OM Timbal will be handling this, check the Oathmaster's Report for details (so people will have to read your report, Timbal =P). I realize there is a DG check going on as well, but that one is for the Phyle only, this one is for the House, so everyone please make sure to let Timbal know if you are around. Thanks.

Cooch is still on leave but his competition is running. Please send in entries to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] - Drynwyn's Flame people this comp is MANDATORY for you guys, so I expect to receive some submissions soon...

Another week of MML has passed, and I'd like to continue to recognize those who have been helping me out - Cymbre, Anga, Alisande, and Corde who's currently on leave. We are just preparing our guess for this week, and I will be sending out our next scenario as soon as I get it from Mairin - I encourage everyone to READ it and email me, even if it is just with your first reaction. The more eyes we get on these the better.

The message boards have shown some good activity, so check those out, and I'd also encourage those of you who haven't been on IRC to drop by sometime. Other than that, we have the same comps as last week. As always, I encourage everyone to email me if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything. That's all from me.


**Archpriestess Sabé Dracaena

**Aedile, Acclivis Draco and Magistrate to the Herald


_"That which does not kill me...

had better be able to run away damn fast&quot;  


_·**<x-tab> </x-tab>Arduk the Blind has joined us. Welcome!

Master/Student Program

KE Karva Dronaal / ACO KDOG

KAP Cuchulain / GRD Alisande Sayeesa

KAP Grant / GRD Death

KAP Sabe Dracaena / JH Corde Aghasett

DJK Timbal / ACO Anga Salinas

If you are under the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and would like to take part in the Master/Student program, then approach someone above the rank of DJK and ask them to be your Mentor. If a coupling is sorted out, please let Timbal and me know as soon as possible. Also notify KP Saitou so that he can update the House site to reflect the pairing.


A = Urgent! Drop anything you are doing and concentrate solely on this competition!

B = Competition running at the heights - you should write something now

C = Nearing competition - get prepared and think already of some ideas / Running competition but not vital to the house

D = Future competition - keep it in the backs of your minds and think of it from time to time

E = No real competition but a way to be active in HAD

Cooch's House History Competition (A)

****Mandatory for DF Tyros

The topic can be whatever you want it to be - anything at all - that concerns HAD history. There will be three catagories - stories, poems and graphics, and there will be awards for each as long as a minimum of three pieces is received for each. Cooch didn't give a deadline but send these in when you can. Submit your entries to Cooch and Sabé.

Murder Mystery League (B)

Sabé is running with this one, and should be starting on Round 3 of solving soon. Keep an eye on the mail list for the second setup to be posted and email Sabé to get involved. There will be one Scenario each week to solve, due Saturday of each week until we are done solving all submissions from the League.

**MB Activity / House Run-Ons (B)

**There are two run-ons that you can post to at the moment, Moving Shadows and the Return of the GWD. Find both at the House Message Boards, which also need some activity in general. Post away!

Krath Monthly Competition (B)

Write on the topic "The Calling" (anything this means to you). For more information, visit the Krath site at Entries due Nov. 2 to Mairin and medals will be awarded for top three entries if at least ten are received.


·<x-tab> </x-tab>Listen to your English-teacher! - Yes that's right. We are krath, hence we have to be as perfect at writing as at English itself. Don't know a word? Look it up! Problems with a sentence? Go on IRC and ask somebody!

·<x-tab> </x-tab>Get your work in for evaluation. Saitou and me will evaluate your work and give you feedback! The categories we check (in percentage where 100 is impossible to get perfect) are:

·<x-tab> </x-tab>Idea

·<x-tab> </x-tab>Style

·<x-tab> </x-tab>Spelling/Grammar Mistakes

·<x-tab> </x-tab>Plot

·<x-tab> </x-tab>Personal Liking

·<x-tab> </x-tab>Overall (which is calculated by the average from the first five)

·<x-tab> </x-tab>The HAD's MB is located at:

· <x-tab> </x-tab><x-tab> </x-tab>

·<x-tab> </x-tab>HAD's homepage is located at

<x-tab> </x-tab><x-tab> </x-tab>

Aedile's Report:

_Submitted as A-QUA, report above

**_Oathmaster's Report:**


Greetings, Tetrarchs, Quaestor and Aedile of House Acclivis Draco, and Consul and Proconsul of Clan Scholae Palatinae;

This is this week's RM report:

<x-tab> </x-tab>1) Hola! Welcome one and all to another one of my non-read reports! I just realized the other day that I could write anything that I want in here, and it wouldn't matter since no one reads it. Let's see how many people pay attention.... ;)

<x-tab> </x-tab>2) First, let us welcome Acolyte Arduk The Blind! Why he is blind is not for me to figure out, but at least it's a good reason to email him to find out. =P Welcome to HAD, Arduk!

<x-tab> </x-tab>3) Master/Student program: More and more people are pairing up! Look for fun things to do next month when Cooch gets back for all you Masters and Students out there.... </Hugely obvious hint>

<x-tab> </x-tab>4) Don't forget Cooch's competition!

<x-tab> </x-tab>5) And the biggy for this week: By the order of the Grand Master himself, all HAD members are to report to me in an AWOL check, including Cooch (If you can, dude) and Sabé so I can send it in to Boss Nass. Get cracking, everyone. No huge emails, just a simple, "I'm here, darn you!" will work! =P

<x-tab> </x-tab>6) Random Quote of the Week: "Friendly fire - isn't."

That is all for now!

Oathmaster/DJK Timbal (Krath)/House Acclivs Draco of Clan Scholae Palatinae, DC

"He who laughs last, laughs best. I usually laugh last, scum." - Personal Motto

<font face="Verdana" size="2">Drynwyn's Flame Report:

</font>Ready or not....Drynwyn's Flame Report Time...

Tonight is the night in which we will ponder great things...

Who will win the msg board supremacy wars? Death? Grant?

If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?

Will anyone other than me post on the DF msg board?

If a parsley farmer is sued, can they garnish his wages?

Who will submit a story to the Krath monthly comp?

If a man is standing in the middle of the forest speaking and there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?

Will all of DF remember to submit to the "Cooch Comp"?

Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

These questions and more on 60 questions...


Remember that members of DF we are responsible to our Quaestor to submit to the "Cooch Comp" were we write about a part of our history, weather clan or personal.

<font face="Verdana" size="2">Dragon Guard Report:

</font><font color="#9400D3">Greetings, DGers!!! Not many happenings this week... :P

We've got a newbie in our House -- ACO Arduk the Blind -- so I think we should all welcome him.

**Reminders >:):

**1. Email the group, me, or talk to me on IRC to let me know who you are and if you are or are not alive (by November 7<sup>th</sup>) -- only a couple of you have done this already!!! ;P

  1. You should be participating in AT LEAST ONE of the following:
  • Solving MML Scenarios (we're very low on numbers with this, we'd like some more people to help out -- let Sabe know if you want to help with future Scenarios)

  • The House History Comp -- there's graphics, poetry, and story categories and somehow it has to do with HAD's history or the way you came to the House...

  • Posting on the run-ons/messege boards @

  • The Krath Comp “The Calling” (get it to Mai by November 2<sup>nd</sup>)

_Deadlines will be here before you know it, so get moving on these. There's lots of variety there and no reason why one of those things won't appeal to you.

_Wait, wait, wait!!! Me thinks everyone should send their picture to Saitou to put up on the HAD website, too. But that's not a first priority or anything. :)

_Cymbre swings on the ceiling fan for a minute, then bows

_~ JH Cymbre Kall

[[Log in to view e-mail addresses]

](/ym/Compose?To=[Log in to view e-mail addresses])</font><font face="verdana" size="1" color="#9400D3">_JH Cymbre Kall (Krath) / Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae, DC/(GN)/(BNG)

Tetrarch of Dragon Guard

~ Nothing is as it seems...remember that...~ at

~ Brock! ~ at

"Your eyes can be so cruel, just as I can be so cruel..."

_</font>END =)



<font face="verdana" size="2"> <font face="serif" size="2">For the glory of the Empire,</font>

<font size="2" color="purple"> [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Emissary of the Assembly of Consuls

Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae

KE (Krath)/EMS/CON/Clan Scholae Palatinae,


<font face="Book Antiqua"> "I will be heard for a lifetime, but my actions will echo for an eternity."</font></font></font></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p>

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