Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

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Squadron Report #7

Death comes - from us, to you!

This have been a sad week for the house. The newly appointed CMDR of Ghostrider, GRD Owen Wolfstar, was shoot in a hold up and later died at the operation table.

We all mourn the lose of this great pilot and send our condolences to his family.


<font color="#808080" size="2"><font color="#808080" size="5"><font color="#808080" size="2">****</font></font></font>

<font color="#808080" size="2"><font color="#808080" size="5"> </font></font><div align="center">__ </div> <div align="center">** <div align="center">Quiet</div> <div align="center"><font size="2">Most of us have taken a well deserved break after the war with Delphian so this week have been very quiet.</font></div> <div align="center">__</div>


</div> <div align="center">__ </div> <div align="center">Galthian Webpage Reviewd</div> <div align="center"><font size="2">Our House's homepage have been reviewed in the latest (first) release of "The Holonet Journal". The reviewer thought the page well constructed and containing good information. Well done to the webmaster... oh that's me... Yippee!!! ;P</font></div> <div align="center">If you wish to know more about what was said go to [**](</div> <div align="center">Also, take a look at the rest of the magazine too, it's really good. Especially the "Programmers and Computers" article in the humour section.</div> <div align="center">**</div>_


<font color="#808080" size="2"><font color="#808080" size="5"> </font></font><div align="center"><font size="4"><font face="Arial" color="#000000" size="2"></font> </font></div>

<div align="center"> <div align="center"> <div align="center">Merit system</div> <div align="center">As you may know we have a merit system in the house. Basically you get different amount points for different activities and when you get enough pts you can exchange them for a medal.</div> <div align="center">I have mailed PRT Darknyte for your previous merit point records.</div> <div align="center"> </div> <div align="center"><font face="Arial">House/innerclan comps:
*Base participation points (any participation at all): 8 points
*Submission of a pilot file: 5 points per platform (5 for TIE, 5 for XvT, 5 for XWA)
*Submission of graphics, fiction: 3 points per sub
*Multiplayer matches: 2 base points (whether you flew 1 match or 100) + 2 points for each victory.</font>
</div> <div align="center">**<font face="Arial">Penalty for not taking part and not being excused: -15

</font><font face="Arial">_Clan and DB lvl comps:
_*Base participation points (any participation at -all-: 14 points
*Submission of a pilot file: 5 points per platform (5 for TIE, 5 for XvT, 5 for XWA)
*Submission of graphics, fiction and the like: 3 points per sub
*Multiplayer matches: 2 base points (whether you flew 1 match or 100) - 2 points for each victory.

extra points for quality (this only clan and DB wide comps):
If you get 1st or 2nd place overall: 3 additional points/ 5 for DB wide comp.
*If you get 3rd or 4th place overall: 2 additional points/4 for DB wide comps.
*If you get 5th or 6th place overall: 1 additional point/3 for DB wide comps.</font>
</div> <div align="center"><font face="Arial">*Penalty for not taking part and not being excused: -25

Other merit points awards**
</font><font face="Arial">*Completion of an DB battle +1/mission
*Creation of a DB battle +35
*Creation of a DB mission +15
*Run-on story or submission (at least 2 paragraphs) +1
*Completing an Shadow Academy course +15</font>
Fun (e.g the come up with a line for this picture comp) comp submission +2*

<font face="Arial">DC - 60 Merit pts
WC - 150 Merit pts
SC - 300 Merit pts</font>
</div>_</div> <div align="center"><font size="4"><font face="Arial" color="#808080">**


</div> <div align="center"> </div> <div align="center"> </div></div>

<div align="center">Activity Report</div>


CMDR/DJK Spearhawk (21):

<div align="left">20/10/01 - Was awarded a WR for long service to the house <div align="left">***</div><font size="2"><font color="#808080">Comment:* I'm as usually active on IRC, but other than that it's been a calm week for me. I'll try to do better next week.</font></font></div>

<div> <div align="left"> </div> <div align="left"> <div align="left"></div></div> <div align="left">FM/PRT Liara (11):</div> <div align="left">2X/10/01 - Solved the current MML mystery</div> <div align="left">***</div> <div align="left">Comment: Liara continues to be the leading roll in the solving of the MML mysteries. Keep up the good work Liara!</div> <div align="left"><font face="Arial" size="2"></font>***** </div></div>

FL/SW Zysfryar (7):

No Recordable activity

Comment: Zys is as always very active on IRC

XO/FL/GRD Phalk Sturm (24):

<font face="Arial"><font size="2">21/10/01 - Flew DB Tie #1 (+5)</font></font>

<font face="Arial"><font size="2">21/10/01 - Went on leave untill the 29th</font></font>

Comment: Have a nice leave Phalk

FM/PRT Josh Popelka (20):

<div align="left">No Recordable Activity</div>****

<div align="left"> <div align="left">Comment: Josh is working on the next part of his fiction and continues to keep in contact</div></div>

FM/JH Indaro Gallia ():

No Recordable Activity

Comment: Try to keep in contact even if you don't do anything special during the week.

FM/PRT Darknyte ():

On Leave


If anyone want to get a better looking ATR they are free to mail me every week with a list of everything they done (DB related of course) since there's things I might not know of. Good day to mail on is Saturdays since the report is going out on Sundays.

That's it for this week, tell me if I missed anything and it'll be corrected at once.

<font face="Arial" size="5"><font color="#808080"><font size="2"> </font></font></font>

DJK Spearhawk

FM-TCT/CM Spearhawk/Phantom 3-4/Wing XI/ISD Immortal

BSx4/PCx5/ISMx21/MoT-1rh-2gh-3bh/IS-1SR/LoC-CSx5/MoC-1BoC-1SoC/CoL/CoB/LoAx11/OV [GLDR] {IWATS-CBX-IIC/1/2/3-M/1-SM/2-TT-XAM}
DJK Spearhawk (Sith)/Galthain

of Satal Keto

"You can never know everything, and part of what you know is always wrong. Perhaps even the most important part.
A portion of wisdom lies in knowing that. A portion of courage lies in going on anyways."

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