Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

Well here's my info for the this week: <p>SA Graduates currently stands at 108 passes! I lost a few from the bottom when the new site was uploaded, but it'll rise again soon enough - I hope!!! <p>With the new site going up their are lots of excellent features but also a few problems with the SA features. I have informed Grail and hopefully it'll be sorted soon and running at 100% efficiency. <p>Magus is gonna upload a limited SA site for Sunday - as long as he's caught up on all school work - then furtehr coding will continue once the basics are set up. <p>Magus has also declined the offer of M:HM and I have another member in mind - so keep your ears perked and ready for the news!!! <p>Not much more this week - hopefully lots to tell you all when the new site is up by next week! Looking to launch teh new courses then...


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