Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Greetings everyone. Another week, another report. I'll be changing the style of the reports, so that the include some news from the DB.org website, in case people don't go there often. Now, onto the news:

Brotherhood News:

  1. There have been A LOT of little updates to the DB website. To the average member, not much will have changed, except for aesthetic changes, but the more you must you the database, the more things will have changed. Just remember everyone, there is now an option to demote people, so everyone behave :)

  2. The Magistrate to the Obelisk High Commander. Mail [Log in to view e-mail addresses] with your application, and check out the DB website for more details.

  3. It seems the DB will be going through some structural changes in the near future. The GM and DGM are staying tight-lipped, so we're all waiting in anticipation :P

  4. Everyone, when submitting your information for a GoA, you MUST use the form on the HRLD website. If you don't, they won't process your request.

  5. There will be small competitions, run by each order leader, in which any member of the DB can participate in. More chances for activity (hint, hint) :P

Clan News:

  1. Not much this week for clan news, since just decided to add this section to my news, and as such, haven't been paying too much attention to the clan as a whole, but I have no piece of information below.

  2. We will be facing off against Clan Scholae Palatinae in a Clan feud. This should be starting up very shortly, so get some rest before it. The honour of our clan is at stake.

House News:

  1. I have already sent out a mail earlier this week, but once again, the Ace of OO competition has ended. Congratulations to PRT X on his victory! Also, congatulations to SW Reaper and JH Caltin Doros on finishing second and third respectively. All the medals have been awarded. For full deatils, go visit http://www.geocities.com/oo_comp/intro.htm

  2. LOTS of promotions this week. Good job to Tarkinan on his promo to Acolyte. Congratulations to X, Nurel Sako Turr, Azrael and Triji Boliv on their elevations to Protector! Also, congratulations to Caltin Doros on his elevation to Jedi Hunter! Remember, if I haven't promoted you, but you have flown something, I am keeping an eye on you. Just keep up the good work :)

  3. Our House numbers shall be dropping drastically, very soon. ACO Johann Glorick has already been moved to the reserves, and DJK Kyle Katarn has moved onto Clan Alvaak. I have also mailed the MAA, asking to remove the following people: ACO Egg'Foo, ACO Jerod Ashrand, PRT Orion Diamente, PRT Evangelion and JH O'Hare.

  4. With Kyle Katarn leaving, Sentinel Squadron CMDR has opened up. As of now, I AM NOT taking any applications. I may be changing the roles of the squadrons, but I will be talking to AED Lusankya about this soon. Stay tuned for that.

  5. All of my house reports can now be viewed online, on the DB homepage. Just visit our house roster, and there will be a link to the Quaestor Reports.

--Pandragon Report--

A quite rich week for Pandragon:

1) News:

  • Ace of OO Competition has ended. X placed first, and Reaper second. We had a great show of activity, with over 66% partecipation. Everyone tried to submit at least one mission for the Comp, and I am very glad to see this.

  • A new brother joined us: ACO Tarkinan recently joined the Squadron!

  • X was appointed Rollmaster Clan Arcona.

2) Activity:

  • X: Partecipated to Ace of OO flying Missions TIE-TC #100 and #111, XWA-TIE #17 and #26, and writing a piece of fiction. Recruited ACO Tarkinan in the Squadron. Current recruiting activity is on hold due to RL engagments.

  • Kayjahal: Recently promoted to ACO. Partecipated to Ace of OO flying TIE-TC Free #100.

  • Tarkinan: Recently promoted to ACO. Partecipated to Ace of OO flying TIE-TC Free #111 and XWA-TC Free #17.

  • Reaper: Currently he is helping to recruit pilots. He showed great activity in last Comp (flew all the missions but XWA-TC Free #26), and he's always active by e-mail. He is on the good way to get a promotion.

  • Kell: Partecipated to Ace of OO flying TIE-TC Free #111.

  • Akhil Thantos: Due to unexpected problems seems he had been wiped out from the DB Roster. Now fortunately the matter seems now to have been fixed.

  • Nurel Sako Turr: For his high activity in every aspect (mIRC, e-mail and flying) I have appointed him Flight Leader. Partecipated to Ace of OO flying XvT-TC Free #110 and #250, XWA-TC Free #17, and writing a piece of fiction.

  • Orion Diamante: didn't answered to my mail yet. He risks of being declared AWOL.

  • O'Hare: idem as Orion.

3) Promotions/Medals:

  • X got a promotion to Protector and was awarded a Steel Cross for first place in Ace of OO.

  • Reaper was awarded a War Cross for second place in Ace of OO.

  • Turr was appointed FL and got a promotion to Protector. He is currently spending all his money paying drinks for all in the Cantina ;-).

4) Recommendations:

  • I was about to recommend a promotion to Protector for Turr, but Halcyon moved slightly before me =P.

  • I don't know if it's possible, but I ask that Orion Diamante and O'Hare are declared Rogue Jedis instead of being wiped out from the Roster, also taking in account of their Rank (expecially O'Hare). In this way, if one day

they wish to return, they will not have to start their career from the beginning. Take this as a "courtesy" for two formerly active and dedicated pilots.

5) Roster:

Flight 1:

1 PRT X [Log in to view e-mail addresses] #1266

2 ACO Kayjahal [Log in to view e-mail addresses] #1301


4 ACO Tarkinan [Log in to view e-mail addresses] #1318

Flight 2:

1 SW Reaper [Log in to view e-mail addresses] #36

2 ACO Kell [Log in to view e-mail addresses] #1044

3 ACO Akhil Thantos [Log in to view e-mail addresses] #1047


Flight 3:

1 PRT Nurel Sako Turr [Log in to view e-mail addresses] #1095

2 PRT Orion Diamante [Log in to view e-mail addresses] #132

3 JH O'Hare [Log in to view e-mail addresses] #789


6) Final considerations:

  • Expecially if we consider that is quite probabile that Diamante and O'Hare will leave us, I recommend everybody to help in recruiting. I'd like to see our Battle Team to 12 members before the beginning of next year.

End of Report.

Respecfully submitted,

Commander "X" of Pandragon Squadron

Ace of Oriens Obscurum

Rollmaster of Clan Arcona

PRT X (Sith)/Oriens Obscurum of Arcona, SC

DB PIN #1266

--Sentinel Report--

No Report

--Black Watch Report--

No Report

Respectfully Submitted,

CMDR/LC Halcyon/Yod/Wing IV/SSSD Sovereign


"200 Club"

SW Halcyon(Sith)/QUA/Oriens Obscurum of Arcona

SC/WR-RM w/2/DC-KC-O-C-D/(GN)/(SN)/(BNAg)

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