Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Marka Ragnos Weekly Report #14 - 28/10/01


  • BIG IMPORTANT COMPETITION - HMR Inter Phyle Run-On. Go to message board and post for your Phyle.

Im very impressed with the progress so far, especially the new members. Keep it up everyone.

Don't forget, rewards for:

1) Best post by a Tyro.

2) Most important contribution to the plot-line by a Tyro.

3) Tetrach of the most active Phyle.

  • Recruitment Campaign still running. Coordinated by KP Khobai. Dark Cross for recruiting 1 or more new members each month.

  • Erryc Lasitter joins the house and finishes his SA training. Congratulations and welcome.

  • Protector Figaro elevateed to Guardian. Well done.

  • Krath Archpriest Alex promoted to Krath Epis. Congratulations.

  • Krath Priest Kano elevated to the rank of Krath Archpriest.

  • Night Hawks Phyle Nickname and Motto Competition still running.

  • Night Hawks Phyle Tetrach, GRD Fiagro on leave until Friday.

  • Name... that... CITADEL Competition still running.

  • Night Death Phyle Crest Competition still running.

  • Night Death Phyle homepage updated.

  • I am looking into the possibility of fueding with another Krath house.

When I get something interesting to tell you all about it, I will.


<house marka ragnos>

Homepage: http://www24.brinkster.com/hmr

Total Members: 17

Quaestor: Iylan Kano [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Aedile: Khobai [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Dark Jedi Master Shups

Pontifex Voranyen

Epis Alex

Priest Ryuu Kurayami

Priest Enerum

Priest Shae-Lynn Jade

Priest Knight Ghost Dog

Priest Tharivol Endymiron

Dark Jedi Knight StarLion

Guardian J'Rai

Guardian Figaro

Acolyte Dron

Acolyte Imperial

Acolyte Ghost Angel

Acolyte Erryc Lasitter


Novice Erryc Lasitter joins us.

Dark Crosses up for grabs for recruiting new members.

What you all waiting for?


Protector Guardian to Guardian.

Novice Erryc Lasitter to Acolyte.

Archpriest Alex to Epis.

Priest Kano to Archpriest.


None at this time.


<night hawks phyle>

Homepage: http://hawks.fignet.org

Team Total: 6

Tetrarch Figaro [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Tyro Shae-Lynn Jade

Tyro Shups

Tyro Starlion

Tyro Ghost Dog

Tyro Imperial

Tryro Erryc Lasitter

Tyro Dron

Contact Figaro in order to join.

<night death phyle>

Homepage: http://www24.brinkster.com/nightdeath/index.html

Team Total: 7

Tetrarch J'Rai [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Tyro Voranyen

Tyro Alex

Tyro Tharivol Endymiron

Tyro Enerum

Tyro Ryuu Kurayami

Tyro Ghost Angel

Contact J'Rai in order to join.


RUNNING - Krath Murder Mystery League

           Run by the KHP.  

RUNNING - HMR Run-On Competition

           Run by HMR Quastor, KP Iylan Kano [db_kano@yahoo.co.uk]  

           Run on at:  http://www.asp-dev.co.uk/freeForum3/topic.asp?board_ID=549&topic_id=7638&forum_id=1173&Topic_Title=New+HMR+Run%2DOn&forum_title=HMR+Run%2Dons&M=False&S=True  

RUNNING - Name... that... CITADEL Competition

           Run by HMR Envoy, KP Ryuu Kurayami.  Send entries to [ryuu@digitalprophet.org]  

RUNNING - Night Death Phyle Crest Competition.

           Run by Night Death Tetrach, GRD J'Rai.  Send entries to [lordknightraven@aol.com].  

RUNNING - Night Hawks Phyle Nickname and Motto Competition.

           Run by Night Hawks Tetrach, PRT Figaro.  Send entries to [eh_Figaro@yahoo.com].  

RUNNING - HMR Recuitment Campaign

           Run by HMR Aedile, KP Khobai [khobai83@hotmail.com].  


In Darkness,

KAP Iylan Kano (Krath)/QUA/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow,

SC/DC-KC/(BNAg) </night></night></house>

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