Dark Brotherhood Renamed


Dark Brotherhood Renamed

In a not-too-surprising move, I, Shadonyx, Lord of the Shadow Demons, have slain GM Firefox and DGM Astatine and hereby declare myself your new Lord and Master. Now, the reason I say "Lord and Master" is because, soon, your souls shall all be mine. You will all be reduced to meanial, demonic minions of servitude bent to my will. Naturally, some of you will escape such a horrible fate.

I have selected Krath High Priestess Mairin Astoris to be my Queen and her power will be second only to mine. When you are all turned into said demonic servants, you shall follow her word as you would follow mine. Obelisk High Commander Sharad Hett will personally command my palace's Honor Guard, while Sith High Warrior Keirdagh Cantor will be my personal Jester. A few other members of the Brotherhood that have served me well will also be rewarded appropriately.

As of now, the Dark Brotherhood is extinguished, and the Guild of the Shadow rises. May the Everlasting Darkness of the Abyss consume you and wholly bind you to my will.

In Domination,

Archdemon Shadonyx

Grand Master of the Guild of Shadow

PS: Happy April Fool's everyone ;)

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