Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Hell's Gatekeepers Annoucements

(Guardian Paladorion)

Hells Gatekeepers phyle  

Motto: Hatred is the quill that pierces the soul.  

Tetrarch: GRD Paladorion  

Members: 11  
  • As I write this, JaM3z is putting the site online, I'll add the link later.

  • I have talked with Strigon and due to real life bussiness he will resign from our Phyle but he'll stay in the house.

  • The Prophet comp is over (I am the prophet, yeaha!) so everyone has to prepare for the feud!

  • I have mailed the AWOL check to everyone a week ago:

Breadian, Strigon and JaM3z are the only one who responded, Vectorx, Artemis Daia, Quan and the rest: Mail me ASAP or you'll be put rogue!

  • JaM3z and I are looking for logos for the site, hope to see some submissions

  • Still making up all kind of competitions for after the feud........

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