Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

**Quaestor’s Announcements

(Krath Priest Enahropes Entar)**

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KAP Diakonov was appointed as Rollmaster.

Promotions and medals are currently pending!

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The medals for the Prophet competition have been requested and you should all have them soon. I apologise for the lateness of this but I was occupied with RL for a while. Not only could I not use the internet until the first of November but then I got into a fight and got grounded again, yay. I will be able to check my e-mail however, but I may not appear on IRC as much until this problem is resolved.

I must thank Aedile Kahn for his efforts as acting Quaestor during my absence. He kept in contact with the house while I was gone and no problems arose during my leave :). Excellent work!

I read all the posts about activity on the message board and talk to Consul Sterling about the feud and he has told me that it is going to start real soon. So I found that there is no point in starting a house competition as of yet. However after our victory in the feud we should have a phyle competition. All the phyle's would compete to determine the greatest phyle in Qel-Droma :).

The house web site will be offline until I am ungrounded, the site is, and would continue to be, terribly outdated. So once I can get back my internet usage I will put the site back online.

If you have the game X-Wing Alliance, you should enlist in the TIE Corps. I recently got squadron Commander of Chaos squadron on the Brotherhoods flagship, the SSD Avenger. So if you wish to be in the TIE Corps, or you already are, don't forget to enter my squadron, you don't have to, but Chaos needs pilots. PRT Selket is Commander of Raptor squadron of the ISD Subjugator and it is apart of the SSD Avenger's fleet so you can also join that if you wish.

KP Enahropes Entar (Krath)/QUA/Qel-Droma of Arcona,


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