Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Ronin weekly report #3

Welcome to another House Ronin report.


Not a whole lot of news this week, we got 3 new members all welcome ACO Kamahl, ACO Daniel Klivian and ACO Ekim Yellek. DJK Keldorn is still working on a house competition and I hope to hear from him soon. And there will be a clan competition comming up soon.

Awards and Promotions

None this week.


Waiting for details from Keldorn. And Keiran is awaiting the DGMs approval of the clan competition as far as I know.


Recruit and come on to IRC in #alvaak. Fly some missions, write fiction, make graphics or something so that I can see you're alive. :Þ

And send me your cservice nicks if you haven't already.

SW Malik (Sith)/QUA/Ronin of Alvaak


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