Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


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Well, Lots going on this week and Lots to do, so I will save you time from one of my dumb drunk stories or jokes...oh what the hell, just a quick short one.....

I was stumbling down the street on Aurora Prime, one foot on the sidewalk and the other on the street.

"Bob", shouted my drinking buddy Crimster, "You have one foot on the curb and the other on the street while you walk. You're stinkin' drunk!"

"Oh, thank Jesus" I replied, "I thought I was crippled!"

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="#CD0000"> <tr> <td>REPORT SUMMARY</td> </tr> </table>

  • Orbs of Power

  • The "Who the Hell are You? Competition

  • The Kings of Tomorrow

  • CrimsonAngel's October Results

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="#CD0000"> <tr> <td>F..R..E..E..S..T..U..F..F</td> </tr> </table>

#001 - Orbs of Power

It has begun.



For all members of CNS. On the Clan Message Board.

One suggestion I have for this is to begin from the start, otherwise it gets very long and is difficult to catch up on the story to jump in. I see Mysticsith has already posted, good job.


I guess this is for any platform (TIE,XvT,XWA), create a free mission revolving around recovering the Orbs of Power. This is very important as it is needed for another phase.

Send to Consul Kale. [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

I don't know who among us in Diamond are capable mission designers, I know I'm not, so if you are and are going to make one, let me know.


Either XvT or XWA (I presume). You can only play the same individual three times which I think limits us, as out of 30 people in the house I believe only a third of that play multiplayer...but we'll see. I for one will play anyone in XvT.

Both combatants than send the results to Consul Kale. [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


We wait on this one for missions to be created. If none by Dec 20, then Kale will choose something.


Anything to do with the Orbs. You can create up to three.

Send to Consul Kale. [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

All right. I believe that about covers it. See you on the battle field.

#002 - The "Who the Hell are You?" Competition

You still have some time. So far I have one submission....hope to see some more.

#003 - The Kings of Tomorrow

Delayed.......Look for it in January.

#004 - CrimsonAngel's October Results

Straight from the Hutt's resort, the results for the October CrimsonAngel's Flying Contest.

*Second Place: Myrrkal Mysticsith *

Fifth Place: Nakata

Congrats you too!

Although at looking at the point totals, I always thought 52 was more than 45, but I'm not going to say anything Myrrkal. It must be that new drunken math from the Crimster.

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="#CD0000"> <tr> <td>STANDING ORDERS</td> </tr> </table>

Orbs of Power, Who the Hell are You?, CrimsonAngel's Flying Competition.

Other than that.....Go outside, enjoy life, and eat a sandwich.

<table border cols="1" width="100%" bgcolor="#CD0000"> <tr> <td>CURRENT ROSTER</td> </tr> </table>

CMDR/SW Bob-Fett

Drank some beers.

FM/JH Lelio/Diamond 1-2

No activity.

FM/DJK Den Darkhill/Diamond 1-3

No Activity.

FM/Open Position/Diamond 1-4

FL/GRD Sancho/Diamond 2-1

10-27 - Seen on IRC.

10-28 - Seen on IRC.

10-28 - Admits to watching Porn....often.

10-29 - Seen on IRC.

FM/Open Position/Diamond 2-2

FM/Open Position/Diamond 2-3

FM/Open Position/Diamond 2-4

FL/ACO Nakata/Diamond 3-1

No activity.

FM/ACO Myrrkal Mysticsith/Diamond 3-2

10-26 - Seen on IRC.

10-27 - Seen on IRC.

10-27 - Wins DB Trivia. Disqualified. (JRai's trivia)

10-31 - Submitted Profile for Squadron Comp.

10-31 - Seen on IRC.

11-01 - Posted on OoP Run On.

FM/Open Position/Diamond 3-3

FM/Open Position/Diamond 3-4

_NOTE: No Activity doesn't mean you didn't do a damn thing...It just means I just didn't see you do a damn thing :P _

That is all!

SW Bob-Fett(Sith)/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow


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