Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

Announcements for week ending 3rd November 2001:

1: I'm on leave this weekend starting as of tomorrow morning about 11.00am GMT. I will have computer access at home, but again I'm not taking my computer with me. The idea is to relax and destress, and that means less DB/TC and more love and TLC. My Praetor, Archpriest Kaiann will be in charge of anything serious until I return on Monday.

2: Monthly Topic submissions are due in on Friday 2nd November at 11.59pm EST. If I don't get your submission you lose out on all the lovely shiny medals that I am now able to hand out. I'm sure you can come up with a page or two of lovely writing for me, so make your KHP happy - write a submission today!

3: Murder Mystery League solutions are due in on Saturday 3rd November at 11.59pm EST. I will be sending out scenarios as usual on Sunday, but results of Round 4 will not be released until Monday night.

4: Next month's Monthly Topic has been approved by DGM Shaitan`. I'll be posting details of that on the Krath website, and the main DB website on Friday night. I'm pretty excited, cause it looks like a good one!

5: Don't forget to come and spam the message board! We've just started a new kind of run-on, all done in poetry. It promises to be interesting. Come along and show off your rhyming muscle with the best. :P

6: Also, make sure you sign up to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] - latest news, gossip, discussions and conversation with colleagues all at the typing of an email address.

7: Visit the Krath website regularly - most Krath news and competition results goes out there rather than the main DB page. You can also comment on news, vote in neato polls and access information and cool extras!

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