Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Heeeeellllloooooooo DGers!!! Tis ME again, your darling TET, Cymbre!!!


  • We lost Andronicus to the AWOL check (c-ya Andronicus!) and Xenn Sado to the Sith (hey, at least he's still in CSP)...good luck, guys!!!

  • We also have two new faces in our Phyle : PRT Sunrider and ACO Dengar March!!!

  • I just checked out the Krath Website and it looks like HAD is #1 AGAIN!!! YAY!!! I'm not sure how exactly, but who cares? I'm happy happy happy

  • I thought I was almost DEMOTED to NOV!!! gasp! But it’s all good and I’m still a JH…

  • I've also chosen a Phyle XO -- PRT Sunrider!!!! Since I'm generous, I'm letting him have his own little section here in the report...don't worry, tho...if he gets out of hand, you can all give him a few kicks.

Words of Wisdom (???) from your XO:

XO's Corner By El Sol

Greetings DGers, I'm sure most of you already know me but for those of you that do not, i'm PRT Sunrider, yer new XO. To give y'all a brief history of myself, I started as a Obelisk in HDS the Obbie house of CSP, after about two months there I decided that not a whole lot was going to happen so I decided to move on. After that I went to HC, the Sith house of CSP, after about two months of doing absolutely nothing in HC I decided I needed a change for the best, so I moved to the best house in the entire Dark Brotherhood, House Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae. Aiming for a change I've now decided to do my best to serve the order of the Krath.

Now time for me to shaddap and give you all a few reminders....

  1. Our Phyle does have a message board, right now it seems to be very empty

but i'd like to see that change. you can find the MB at

  1. And last is there are a bunch of competitions going on in HAD, you all should participate in a least one of them, details on those competitions will most likely be added in Cymbre's report.

Now for a quote that I found while writing this report...

<sunhw> Besides, I get whatever's left over from what I give out to the kids that come to my doors :P

<cymbre> thats cheating

  • Cymbre isnt a cheater

<sunhw> What would you want me to do? Go out and steal candy from little kids?

<cymbre> SILENCE! Write the XO report

Darkness guide/defend,

PRT Sunrider (Krath)/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae (BN) {SA: CORE}

Heh…Sunny will make this shorter next week… He likes to talk almost as much as I do…

REMINDERS (mostly about comps this week):

  • MML!!! MML!!! MML!!! Are you helping solve the scenarios??? If you said no, get your butt in gear and e-mail Sabe right away!!! Cymbre glares at the Phyle

  • Cooch’s History Comp – there’s three categories (graphics, poetry, and stories) – due November 15th!!!

  • Mai’s Krath Monthly Comp – “The Calling” – write what that means to you – due November 2nd which means only DAYS are left!!!

  • Karva’s caption contest @

look at the pic and make up a caption – due November 8th!!!

or the DG messege board @ (which

I made alittle bit cooler looking then just the white backround, so at least go to take a look)!!!

  • Most of you are below the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, so go find yourselves a master and move up in rank!!!

Tis all for now…hope everyone had a safe, cool, full of candy Halloween, and for those who may not celebrate Halloween, here’s some belated candy... Cymbre hands out tons of chocolate and lolli pops

~ Cym


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