Consul Report


Consul Report


     Alright ladies and gentlmen, sorry for the late start. I was waiting for some Obelisk stuff, Ryell you and I will be having a chat shortly about this. 
     First off, my congratulations go to Cooch for getting PCON, I'm sure he'll make a fine PCON. If not I'll crack him like a nut. 
     This leaves HAD in need of a QUA, for now Sabe is acting QUA and I'll be accepting applications for QUA. Send them to me and Cooch ASAP. 

House Summit Quaestor: Cuchulain([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) Aedile: Sabé Dracaena([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) Oathmaster: Timbal([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) Tetrarch Drynwyn's Flame: Alisande Sayeesa([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) Tetrarch Dragon Guard: Cymbre Kall([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) Envoy: Corde Aghasett([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Dark dudes and dudettes...

Maverick has officially been instated as the Consul for our great Clan. Good luck to you Mav, and all who sail in him. Still no sign as to who will be the next PCON though...

Jay made a long needed return to the House this week, showing his face after a few weeks away. Good to see you back dude, and I hope you won't be letting something as trivial as real life interfere anymore!

Both Ali and Timbal are on leave at the minute... wonder why both of them at the same time... and so you don't have as much rubbish to sift through this week. Yay!

Not much this week...


MML: I'm not gonna go into this one too much as Sabé talks about it in her report. Go get working - be active in this as it is a Krath wide comp. We supposed to be the number one Krath House after all...

House History Competition: Sabé set the deadline for this competition for November 15th. That means you have just under a week to do something for it. Those of you who have already submitted something could easily find the time to try and get another piece in! :P And remember - this competition is compulsory to members of Drynwyn's Flame. If you continually fail to submit for compulsory competitions you will be removed from DF. You have been warned... For those of you who don't know, the HAD history comp doesn't have to be factual. You can write about anything you want, as long as it concerns Acclivis Draco or you personally. I have had a couple of personal histories as submissions, which is fine, but I would also like to see some about the House itself. Don't worry if you don't know any actual history - just base it so far in the past that none of us would have been about. I am accepting stories, poetry and graphics for this one, and if I get enough submissions in each category then prizes will be awarded for all three.

Krath Monthly Competition: As ever, there is a competition being run by KHP Mairin Astoris. This month the topic is "The Initiation". Although this isn't a DF compulsory competition I would like to see as many people taking part as possible. Remember - if you do send something to a competition outside the House you must also send it to me and Sabé, or else we will think you are a slack idler who does no work. Also, as some of you have used a joining-the-DJB story for the House History comp, it could double up in this one! :P

Clan-wide Caption Comp: The great and wise Big Boss Nass (Karva) has given us a fun competition on the Clan Message Board. Use the link at the bottom of the page to take you there and send his ex-CON-ship a submission. This is open to all Houses but the Krath should win this one. We are the smartest after all. :)

Run-ons, MB wars, etc. The Message Board has calmed down to normal levels after Death and Anga went crazy last week. See if you can start the topic that starts them off again (and take part in the current run-on, "Moving Shadows.")

Master/Student Program: Here is a list of the current Master Student partnerships: KE Karva Dronaal / ACO Loor KAP Cuchulain / GRD Alisande Sayeesa KAP Sabe Dracaena / JH Corde Aghasett DJK Timbal / ACO Anga Salinas

There are only a few Jedi in the House ranked DJK or above who do not already have a student, so places are sparse. If you want a master or can take a student, please contact me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and I will see what I can sort out. There may be slight changes in this program soon, due to the popularity of it. Watch this space...

Elevations, Medals, Transfers...

No promotions this week, but one member has received an award. Alisande came second in last month's Krath topic and earned herself a shiny DC. Congratulations chick!

Also, a bit of bad news. KAP Grant has left us due to lots of things. I would like to say this, as he is most probably still on this list, your time here, though short, was excellent. Your levels of activity gave us all something to strive for and you will surely be missed. Cooch salutes...

Aedile's Report:

First off, more good news in the world of MML. HAD now has a commanding lead, but we mustn't get complacent. I am glad to see new people jumping in with the solving. Even if you weren't around when we wrote our mystery, and haven't been participating, it's not too late. I keep getting threats from other houses saying they're going to catch up, and we can't let that happen =) There are three more rounds left to solve, just read the scenarios I send out each weekend, and email me. We're gonna win and then won't you feel bad missing out on the nice shiny medals? ;-) Our scenario for this week, due at the end of the day Sunday (EST I believe) is available at: - If you have a slow web connection and would like the files .Zipped instead, just let me know and I'll get it to ya ASAP...

Oh, and if you qualify (GRD and up) and want a GoA, visit the HRLD site at: - to fill out a request form. You will need to specify a charge image - if you need assistance, email me and I'll be glad to try to help.

Those interested in the Master/Student program but unable to find a mentor, worry not, that's what your Tetrarchs, and summit-types are for... please always feel free to email me if you guys have any questions, concerns, problems, praise, monetary donations... Alright, what else... Check the Competitions section and be active little monkeys... Cooch's comp ends this upcoming week, so DF people get crackin'... that's all from me this week.


KAP Sabé Dracaena (Krath)/M:HRLD/AED/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae, SC-SoA/BZ/DC-KC-O-C-D/(GNB)/(BNG)/(LSS)

Oathmaster's Report: None cos he's on leave

Drynwyn's Flame Report: ...but his wife can get one in on time...

I am officially old today. One of my friends from High school is getting married and I get to go look stupid playing a brides maid.

DF- you offically have 6 more days to write a work or do a graphic for the Cooch comp. I have Timbal, Anga, and myself down as having turned them in.

If you haven't watch out for the deadline.

Read Cooch's for other news I need to go catch a plane :)


Dragon Guard Report:


Hola, people!!! Not much to talk about this week…same old, same old…but listen up anyway!!! MWUAHAHAHAAA! :P


  • Alisande, the DF Tetrarch, and Timbal, your OathMaster got hitched last Sunday on IRC…I hope you all congratulated them!!!

  • HAD is back at #1 in MML with a fairly impressive lead (30 something and a half points!). Thanks to all those who are helping. Everyone should have received the url for this week’s scenario – so if you haven’t helped yet….then read it and email Sabe with your ideas!

  • If you have any skill in html/website creating/stuff like that, let me know ASAP!!! Cymbre points out the crappy DG site she made This sucks…so help me make it not suck…

  • Cooch says all those ranked JH and down who don’t have Masters and want them shouldn’t worry – so listen to the QUA and don’t. You’ll all still have guidance and help from higher ups.

And now for some words from your XO, PRT Sunrider. Yeah, I know, I’m sorry…but I had to read it, too – so rest assured your TET is going through the same torture as you. :P

XO's Corner

Greetings members of Dragon Guard, I won't go on like I did last week so just a few reminders and announcements.

First reminder is, that our Phyle has egroup for us to discuss whatever on, so if you've got a question send it across and I'm sure Cymbre or myself with answer it. The address is [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Another reminder is, we've got a MB, but you all seem to be allergic to it, so go see a doctor or something and find a cure for that allergy and go post on DG's MB, it can be found here:

And last, Cymbre mentioned something about trying to fill Dragon Guard with members, so if any of you have friends that are interested in Star Wars and writing fiction, get them to join the Dark Brotherhood and join us in HAD.

'Nuff said for now

PRT Sunrider (Krath)/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae


  • Krath Monthly Topic for November – “The Initiation” – you have a month to get it to Mai and Ciara!

  • Deadline for Cooch’s History Comp coming up soon – categories in graphics, poetry, and stories…send him something for one of the categories…or two…or three!

  • Check out all our MBs for run-ons and fun posting…just don’t get out of control. ;)

  • MML – go to the url and e-mail Sabe with ideas ASAP!

  • If your good at graphics, send some examples to Mai. She needs them for the Krath website. You’re KRATH – help out your KHP!

  • Talk on IRC – it’s fun…and help me learn how to play XvT and JK, since I don’t want to read the instruction manuals. Heh…

That's it for this week's ranting and raving...hmm... Cymbre does a lovely tap dance just to take up more time and space

~ Cymbre

JH Cymbre Kall (Krath)/TET/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae, BZ/DC-KC/(GN)/(BNG)

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Acclivis Draco Page: Acclivis Draco Message Board: Scholae Palatinae Page: Scholae Palatinae Message Board: Dark Jedi Brotherhood Page:

If you would like any other links to be listed here, just inform the Quaestor, and bring a crate of Alderaanian Ale with you.

That is all...

KAP Cuchulain (Krath)/QUA/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae Loads of Medals and stuff "We must use our powers to extinguish the light..." O][][][]::[][](>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


House Summit Quaestor - SW Tiger Aedile - TBA Rollmaster - DJK Kaarl Roger Keshik - SW Flelmo Nightshade Squadron Commander - TBA

Clan News

CSP at 52 members, HAD at 27 members, HC at 14 members, HDS at 9 members. KE Karva retiring as CON. KE KArva has served with us for a long time and we are all sad to see him leave. SWL Maverick new CON; accepting applications for position of PCON. Who's the new PCON? Its anybody's guess. GM Chi-Long no more???? Its true. GM FireFox has replaced Chi as the Grand Master.House News

Position of Nightshade CMDR is still open after the leaving of JH Hermann. New website will begin construction as soon as preliminary details are handed down to the lucky person/people. Use the Message Board! The URL is listed below. Its a great, fun and easy way to talk with other CSP members. Check it out! Well, Ayudanter, our former Aedile, has been formally removed from his dutires. New Aedile awaiting confirmation. Let the rumour mill begin! A big Caliburnus welcome to ACO Chilton Sifter! Welcome!Nightshade Squadron News

Nightshade Squadron currently at 6 members Open positions are 6 Flight Member spots and Nightshade Commander. Apply today!Awards/Promotions

Gimminy Gilickers Radioactive Man! Lots of good stuff to put here! First off, congrats to DJK Kaarl Roger, former JH! Congrats also to former ACO Ache Nu! Ache has been elevated to PRT. Congrats also go out to both ACO Neko and ACO Eclipsse on their earning of a Dark Cross! Congrats to everyone! Lets see who else might earn some goodies in the coming weeks!Competitions

CALIBURNUS ACE! All pilots to your cockpits! Visit the Caliburnus Website for more details! Once again, zero, zip, nadda submissions for the HC Banner Comp. I'll start it back up in a short while. Same prizes are up for grabs!Important URL's

Dark Brotherhood Website Dark Brotherhood Message Board Clan Scholae Palatinae Website Clan Scholae Palatinae Message Board Caliburnus Website

In darkness,

FL-AMB/CPT Tiger/Hammer 2-1/Wing IX/ISD Relentless BS/PCx2/ISMx6/MoI/LoC/CoB/LoA/OV [PLDN]

{IWATS-AIM-CBX-ICQ-IIC/1-M/1/2-RT-SM/2-TT} SW Tiger (Sith)/QUA/Caliburnus of Scholae Palatinae WR/(BNAg)/(LSB) "Every Rose has its thorns. Every Tiger has its teeth. Every Clan has its Sith."

Update report from Crusader

ok this is sent via ASP and there is no senders address so there is no way you can reply -- if you do it wont go anywhere :P

anyway HDS is almost DEAD unless the remaining ppl perhaps replied after my email died but here is who will be left in HDS after I get things back up

Crusader Ryell (never replied to AWOL but a different email) DeathDealer Danial Stephens Cooch Little Hawk? shes not on rosters but wasn't she brought back? Max

that leaves the following AWOL

Pit Viper Kajor Kodiak Kereban

what HDS needs right now is new members. And that is EXTREMELY hard to get right now. JK has long since passed its expirey date. It is long dead. Most my members dont even want to play it anymore if I ask them about games they ask to play other ones. Its not good for any of the obelisk order right now. When JK2 comes out they will pour in but right now the flow of new JK players has come to an end. I might be able to find a rough few to come into throughout the EH and some from my Zone Clan but that is also dying from JKs death.

To keep the members we have now active we need to just screw JK and go for acitivity in other parts of the gaming universe. Im sure we can find a game that many of them currently own. When SW GB comes out (tommorow) that game looks good we might be able to play that also.

They all go on IRC except Max unless he does without talking to me. So communication doesn't totaly suck and currently or before my email died there was a convo about games goin on in our egroup between the active members left.

OBM Crusader

Sith Warlord Maverick Emissary of the Assembly of Consuls Consul of the 3rd Clan of the DB, CSP </bows>

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