Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

Apologies for the delay...

1)The Academy currently stands at 121 graduates.

2)The on-going problem of the site being coded is looking less of a problem. Magus is on leave from school next week and he should get the rudimentary elements of the site up by then. From then on I am looking for someone else to continue his much valued work...

3)The Shadow Academy will be audited by the new DGM and IWATS Dean, Primarch Astatine. He should hopefully highlight and contribute great amounts off his knowldge and thus improve the SA furtehr - I am however very nervous....I'll keep you all posted on his comments!

4)Congratulations to Yacko on making the DC. You've always deserved a spot up here and I ahve no doubts you'll excel as SHW.

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