Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report



Greetings, brethren in the Dark Side...

-=[Dark Brotherhood News]=-

Not much interesting news this week really. Just a few selections:

SBL Keirdagh Cantor, PCON of Taldryan appointed SHW

MAA on leave Wednesday through Saturday for the Thanksgiving weekend

-=[Krath Office News]=-


I'm still working on these - it's taking a bit longer than I'd expected, but they will go up in early December.

-=[Competition News]=-

Murder Mystery League

Only one more week to go - scenarios are with whoever is running your House's entry for this competition. Results are as follows:

1: Acclivis Draco: 108.5 points

2: Galthain: 82 points

3: Aleema: 62.5 points

4: Gladius: 60.5 points

5: Marka Ragnos: 52.5 points

6: Dominatus: 40.5 points

7: Ektrosis: 35.5 points

8: KPN Gilkane: Withdrawn

Monthly Topic

The Title for the Monthly Topic for November 2001 is "Initiation". You might like to consider ritual, rites of passage, and initiation into the Brotherhood as possible starting points for your story.

So what are the rules?

1: All entries must be submitted as .doc or .txt format - there will be NO exceptions this time around!

2: All entries must be submitted to the judges ([Log in to view e-mail addresses], [Log in to view e-mail addresses]) by 11.59pm EST on 2nd December 2001. Anything received after that time will not be eligible for awards.

3: Awards will only be given out if more than ten entries are received

4: Entries must be 1.5 pages (minimum) long, 12 point Times New Roman font or equivalent. Double spacing is not permitted.

5: You MUST include your DB ID line and Dossier number when submitting.

6: Competition open to all members of the Brotherhood.

7: Have fun! :)


-=[House Focus]=-

-Dominatus of Alvaak-

Not much going on here at the moment, but there is a nice looking trivia comp in the offing. Sounds like fun!

-Qel-Droma of Arcona-

Some good looking activities going on here, plus the website is back (well done) - look to be waiting for a feud with CSP - hope you get the details sorted soon!


KAP D'hak transfers to HMR


JH Paladorion - BZ

KP a'Lan Mandragoran - DC

GRD Selket - DC


GRD Paladorion - JH

-Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow-

The Orbs of Power competition continues. A Master/Student programme is in the process of being instituted, along with other cool funky looking projects. HMR is looking much healthier - well done Kano and Khobai!


KAP D'hak joins

ACO Thelea Jeth joins

NOV Talon Draygo joins

NOV Kant Lavar joins

NOV Tomaas Banys joins


GRD J'Rai - JH

ACO Ghost Angel - PRT

-Aleema of Satal Keto-

"Second House of the Brotherhood"

Hmm, a litttttle quiet on the Aleema front, but their QUA is still on leave, I believe, so all in all doing nicely - doing well in the Murder Mystery League, and I understand some people will be submitting to the Monthly Topic.




ACO Silent - PRT

-Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae-

"First House of the Brotherhood"

Doing well - a few good competitions going in here: a Master-Student compeition, the MML and the KMT, plus a few run-ons.




KAP Sabé Dracaena - SC

KAP Sabé Dracaena - SC

KAP Sabé Dracaena - BZ

JH Corde Aghasett - WR

-Ektrosis of Taldryan-

"Third House of the Brotherhood"

KAP Bubbles has been made the House envoy, and KP Raistline Majere returns to active duty as AED after some RL hassles - some good ideas coming out of here too, such as the "Council of Ektrosis", and the resurrection of "Operation: Mirror", as well as some inter-Phyle competitions. Looking good. :)

**NB: Apologies to KAP Betja for last week's little "Where's my Report" thing - turns out the poor lamb had sent it and I'd missed it. :P

-Gladius of Tarentum-

Hmm... report? I seem to have missed a couple here, or mislaid them!

-=[Cat's Tales]=-

"Nooooo, not the Bod!"

It's been my distinct displeasure this week - and in fact will be for every week this term - to spend all my waking hours in the Bodleian Library. As all Oxford students will know, the Bodleian library is about the most depressing library in the whole world. It's big, it's scary, and it's really easy to fall asleep in.

It's also a librarian's paradise and a reader's hell. For a start, the Bodleian contains nearly every book ever written, squirrelled away in shelves far underground (overground, wombling free! - Ahem), which only the librarians can get to. To get a book, a reader has to fill in a request slip. The librarian will then wait as long as is humanly possible before bringing you your books (anything between 5 minutes to 2 hours, dependent on when you get there). You may also not withdraw books. Which means you have to sit there, reading your book, without recourse to tea or coffee (what the hell were the bastards thinking!) and worse yet without a locatable bathroom (!!!) for hours on end. Only Oxford could invent a library like this, which opens only from 9am - 7pm, meaning that to get your work done it is nearly unavoidable that you miss classes.

So there've I've been this week, sitting in the Bod, reading my 1,000 page long arabic book - and have now discovered the wedge shaped book-pillows on the desks. These are meant for manuscripts, so that they don't get harmed or whatever by having their spines too far open; hence you rest them on the "book-pillow". The book-pillow, however, is also really comfortable, and just the right size, to make a great head pillow - as I have discovered to my cost this week. snoooooooooooooooooooooze

-=[Useful Links]=-

Dark Brotherhood:


Order of the Krath: OR (both will get you there)

Krath MB:

Dark Side Compendium:

Emperor's Hammer:

Official Star Wars site:

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