Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


CrimsonAngel was happy. His new while dancing shoes had arrived. He was also drunk in the cockpit of his Sapphire Missile Boat. Then he had an idea. He could combine the forces of vodka, with his dancing ability and his while shoes, to really begin to piss people off. He called his partner in crime, and set to work.

CrimsonAngel and Bob-Fett had cleared out Goathams private quaters, and created the first HLK Disco. With DJ Fettish on the turn tables, Fred the Seal as the doorman, a few APP behind the bar and as bus boys, Bob the goldfish doing lighting nothing could go worng.

Theb Goatham came back.

News in Brief

  1. Orbs of Power

  2. Promotions

  3. Awards

  4. Fred the Seal

  5. PML

  6. Web Page

  7. House Envoy

  8. CrimsonAngels Flying Compeition

  9. Squadron XO

Orbs of Power

Here is the message board URL

The runon is under CNS Runons. You all need to join in the runon, because it is developing very nicely

The Orbs of Power Compeition now has its own URL:

Here it outlines all the events for each order. People lets get a move on and start participating!!!

Its a really good compeition, and we should all get behind it


Neo Rising has been promoted to Guardian

Phoniex has been promoted to Protector

Congratulations to you both, drinks are on both of you for the next week!!!


A Steel Cross has been awarded to DJK Janos Silverwulf

A Dark Cross has been awarded to DJK Carl Lost

A Dark Crioss has been awarded tp DJK CrimsonAngel

Fred the Seal

Yes Fred is back in action

He approached me last night in my office, saying he is back from his long service leave, and wants to continue his services as the Pilot of the sapphire shuttle "The Seal".

Now that all is needed is a new Guardian for Fred.

I want you pilot to tell me in 50 words or less why you are the perfet guardian for fred the seal

This will end by Friday the 23 of November

The Winner gets a Badge of Glory and the promotion points which go with it

I am also trying to make some hot pants for fred, trust me, it is quite distrubing


Our witty Diamond commander has come up with this idea for a fun sith writing compeition. For details, check this URL out:

It has an interesting concept behind it, so give it a go!!

Note - Both Sapphire and Diamond can compete in his compeition

Web Page

The URL:

I actucally did some work on it, did a image map for the contents frame, updated wverything and took alot of the old crap out.

I wil be slowly updating things as the days go by

House Envoy

Our very own PRT Phoniex is the new hlk envoy.

Congratulation and good luck with the new position

CrimsonAngel Flying Compeition

Very Very Close right now

Send me all your pilot files, and the person who flys the most wins a Dark Cross, second and third gets 30 and 20 promotion points

Squadron XO

I have chosen a new XO for the squadron.

Janos Silverwulf has been in sapphire squadron since the beginning, from the times of Scithe, then Bob, then myself. He know how the squadron is runned, and what standards (if any) are in placed in this squadron.

He showed leadership during the time when i was on leave by doing squadron reports, and bagging goatham :)

Congratulations Janos!!

Quote of the Week

Background - Just wondering if the movie a bugs life made this person horney

<Mal|food> and I doubt that I will be after watching A Bug's Life :Þ

<hotpants> u never know, just ask goatham

In Closing

People, lock your door and wear protection, Fred the Seal is back in action.

Commander of Sapphire Squadron

FM/LCM CrimsonAngel/Raptor 2-2/Wing XX/ISD Subjugator

CMDR/CAP CrimsonAngel/Razor/Wing II/MC-90 Renegade/IW/EH

DOC/LCM CrimsonAngel/Wing II/FMC-IW/M-TFC LastHope

'Fear My Hot Pants!!'

[Tie Defender - CrimsonWing]

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