Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

Dark Greetings my brethren of darkness...

1)I will be on a short LoA from tomorrow morning 11am, returning Sunday night at about 8pm (so I'll be back online at some point on Sunday night).My Praetor, Betja Jun, will continue marking exams in my absence and all dossiers will be updated upon my return.

2)Magus has made excellent progress with the site and he will be mailing his finished work to teh SCL for uplaod at soem point over the weekend! At last we'll have a decent site up and be able to get the Order Studies launched!!!

3)SA Graduation stands at 132 this week.....roll on the big 1-5-0!!!

4)I'd like to publicly thank Betja Jun for his hard work as my Praetor since his appointment. He is an excellent staff member and friend and teh Shadow Academy would be toiling a LOT more without his input - thanks bud!

5)Also thank you Mairin fopr your recent news post, however, SCL Grail fixed the coding a while back so this problem wouldn't arise. (Grail could you maybe check it out again - thanks!)

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