Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

PRT Murkrow Defender reporting for Hammerhead Battleteam for the week of 11/25/01:

Ok here is the part I am mad about... FLIGHT 1 AND 2 DIDN'T REPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the third time in a row!!!! If this happens again you will HEAR ABOUT IT! I am fed up! Get your acts together and take 5 mins out of your sheduals to report to me! I spend about a half hour putting this report together and if you guy wont go through the trouble to type a 5 line report then.... Just cause you don't fly doesn't mean you don't report! I mean it! I don't care if you don't think you have anything to report, or don't consider using teh MB or IRC or the mail list activity or you are just to D@M lazzy to report, If you don't report next week YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM ME PERSONALLY! Now get to your ships and fly one of our comps before my monkeys do room checks! Next week I wont be so lenient!

After wellcoming the new pilots, MD stolls over to the squadron hangar. Witht eh exception of one or 2 ships, all the T/Ds were still there. After that he goes to the drinking hole after picking up some of his monkeys. As he walks in and the squadorn stands at atention he snaps his fingers and some of his monkey troups step out from behind him and Mojo hands him his EEC(for the newbies that stands for Ewok Excrement Canon). MD lifts it up and sudenly all the monkeys and him start spraying the pilots randomly with the EECs and once every one is covered, they leave.


As I said, if you don't report next week you will pay the price!

The squadron comp ends this monday so get to your ships and fly some battles NOW! I want full participation!(If you are one of the 3 newbies then you don't need to since you will only have had the week end but please try) Battles are TIE and XvT-DB#3 and XWA-TC#11. MP is every night 2-4 adn 7-9 EST. If I am not there the comp is still on! fly without me and e-mail me the scores!

All Chronicals of the Mist events are now online so participate in as many as posible! Take advantage of the extention.

Yah! we have a new banner! it's attached. And we now only fly T/Ds.

Promotions/medals/roster changes:

ACOs Rogue, John Clark and Face Loran were promoted to PRT

Please welcome the new guys:

NOV Kal Shadowbane

ACO Dave Darklighter

NOV Kar Ter

Activity reports:

CMDR/PRT Murkrow Defender:

Posted on MB and ICQ

Unable to fly cause I just got comand of a TC squadron(hoping to fly soon)

Flew for TC

FM/NOV Kal Shadowbane:

Woohoo! A newbie!

Nothing from FL1-2

ACO/FM Dave Darklighter:(only one who sent me any sign of activity from FL2)

Flew TIE-DB#3 for HHvsSZ comp

FL/DJK Corran Horn:

Flew TIE-TC Battle #149

Flew TIE-Free Mission #149

Flew TIE-Free Mission #164

Submitted correct joining and last promotion dates to the MAA

Flew TIE-TC Battle #35

Flew TIE-TC Battle #45

Created (new) HammerHead Squadron Banner for Open Event I of the Clan Comp

Created House Tridens banner for Open Event I of the Clan Comp

Created Tridens Merit Points Page -

Flew TIE-Free Mission #102

FM/PRT Rogue:

Flying TIE-FCHG Battle #1

(Re-)Flying XWA-TC Battle #11 for HammerHead vs Sub-Zero comp

Elevated to Protector

FM/DA Harconnan:

Flew TIE-DC Battle #3 for HammerHead vs Sub-Zero comp

FM/NOV Kar Ter:

Yaaaahhhhhh! Another newbie!

Activity points:

CMDR/PRT Murkrow Defender: 1 point

FM/ACO Dave Darklighter: 4 points

FL/DJK Corran Horn: 4 points(Not shure if the battles stated were for TC or DB so I will add more points next week if needed)

FM/DA Harconnan: 4 points

MD's wise words of the week: "Fly and report or I WILL come for you next week!"

Untill next week, fly straight and keep the bleu(well... misty) side up.

CMDR/CM Murkrow Defender/Pe/Wing V/SSSD Sovereign


PRT" " "(Sith)/Tridens of Tarentum

DC {SA: Core--}

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