Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

Especially after FireFox's announcement about delays last week, I'm sorry for this late arrival. Those of you who seen me on Thursday night on IRC/AIM I went offline to use the phone, after installing AIM. When I turned the PC back on, it was screwed. The mouse would move but no icons could be activated...so I spent all night on Friday getting Windows and basic programs backl on the computer. After work today I managed to get everything else ona nd have also manged to HTML a good whack of the new SA site pages.

Aplogies, but I hope you can see why i couldn't even inform of the delay due to NO access whatsoever!

1) Sa Graduates stands at 140, only 10 more till we reach another milestone! Keep it up guys!

2)As I said above I managed to get FrontPage Express as my Office2000 won't install properly. I ahve managed to get all the page "shells" up, just have to copy and paste the info in and add a few extra's. Most of it ahs been uplaoded to the server, but teh links aren't working and the formatting has went a bit skee-wiff - I think due to the age of the software I've used, but all this can be tidied up later on. I finish work at about 10:30 tonight so will work on it right through tonight in a hope it will get up!!!

3)Welcome new OHC Sharad. Look forward to speaking with you about possible Obelisk courses (sabre skills and maybe soem level design or JK skin editing - maybe even some courses on newer games?)

4)When everything does go online via the new site - I can't open every course all on teh same day - I'll be looking for some markers from the Orders. I know I spoke with Kaiann and Goatham before, if you wanna lend a hand and let me note down your name - please drop me a line.

Thanks and sincere apologies once again...

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