Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

At long last a really positive set of announcements from the SA office...

1)No more "Site should be done next week by Mr.X", the site is complete,

up and running! My magistrate is busy ASPing the few exams left to go

online and I'll be reviewing and updating the DB CORE exam, if I get a

chance this weekend. I have folio to be in for Uni for assessment so I'll

be busy with that, but I'm sure I can take a few hours over the weekend to

do it.

2)Grail has given me soem really positive feedback on a few ideas, and

furthermore, DJM Shaitan` is still working away on a new 3D image of the

SA. His graphics are unreal and this should be sent my way by end of the

month/start of January. Although relatively unimportant info here, these

additions will greatly improve the site and it's attachments...stay tuned

for news.

3)EMS Maverick has spoken with the AoC and everyone has been instructed to

create a web-page to "advertise and sell" their Clan to SA students. These

guys don't know what each Clan is like and hopefully the detail contained

in these Clan "brochures" will help attract (and maybe even repel!) new

graduate members. CSP's is already on line:


4)I have recieved a mediocre response from people wishing to mark

examinations. If you are DJK or below, please include a reference from a

member of your Clan Staff (CON,PCON,QUA,AED), also an indication into

which type of course you'd prefer to mark would also help.

5)The SA currently stand at 144 graduates!

6)I realise there has been some commotion about the new SA system, however

if you HAVE graduated as an ACO you will NOT be automatically promoted to

PRT. You should be active enough to deserve promotion within a short

enough space of time. As for Order/General Studies the rules are that no

one under PRT can sit these exams, however if you have the SA:CORE on your

dossier an exception will be made until this transistional phase is over.

7)Finally, Grand Admiral Ronin has been informed of the site and replied

with the following comments:

Looks great to me !



GA Ronin

Fleet Commander/Founder - Emperor's Hammer

FC/GA Ronin/CS-1/SSSD Sovereign


[DJP(Sith)/Overlord of Alvaak, SL] {IWATS-Core}

Some of you may not know, but Ronin was in fact the first Head Master of

the Shadow Academy, so it's great for me to hear that he likes what I'm



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