Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

HLK News #53, Dec 30th, 2001

Not surprisingly this was a rather slow week with Christmas and all, I daresay things won't get going for a few days. Also since its my birthday Monday I may not be around a bit...I probably will, well...I definately will... but just in case.

King's of Tomorrow is actually getting nice and active now, things are working well and everything looks set for it to be a successful competition. Remember thoug that Orbs of Power is still running, you've got..a day..to get submissions in! Awards will be nice so get working. As for KoT the deadline is Februrary 1st 2002, so you've got a month.

Headline: SHW Request

As emailed from the SHW:

Heya peoples,

I guess it's my time to ask everyone what kind of

competition they'd like to participate in. I know

that the age old "Fly This" sorta thing, gets really

boring, really fast, so I'd like to try to run some

order comps that would be interesting, and fun for


I know its Christmas but I've recieved no feedback about this, we don't want to look like the House that doesn't give a damn about DB comps so people, theres only 7 days to contact me...6 if you want it included in my personal email to Yacko so get some feedback in.


!!!!!!!!!King's of Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

King's of Tomorrow Website (http://www24.brinkster.com/bobsquadron/kings/)

  1. Points Totals

As usual the totals are attached.

  1. Clan Naga Sadow - Orbs of Power

Orbs of Power continues, the competition ends in a matter of days so if you want to submit you better do it quick:

“The Orbs of Power”

Set up:


a multi-order run on.


Sith- Mission design(to recover the Sith Orb)


Sith-multi/player ladder


Sith- Single player/screen shots


Graphics. Create a graphic that goes along the story line.


Trivia - multiple order

  1. Sapphire XO in Command

Well Crimson is going on leave for a week, until that time Janos will be temporarily in charge of Sapphire.

  1. Diamond XO Chosen

I've chosen the Diamond XO as Janos, I know hes managing Sapphire too...but Sapphire doesn't take a lot of work and is only a single report. Diamond needs help right now for Bob's still not returned and Janos is a veteran officer who is well able to take care of it. So congrats Janos...and good luck.

  1. Medals

I'd like to congratulate the following on their awards:

2 x Dark Cross' to Malik!

Dark Cross to Janos!


  1. M1:SHW Open

As clear from the mail I sent to the yahoogroup yesterday theres an open Magistrate position, details can be found in that email or on djb.org.

  1. Sithy Claus Comp

Remember the Sithy Claus comp is still running, you've only got a matter of days to get entries in. Remember the fighter design is a pretty original concept and if you make it something creative we may one day own those fighters :)

Also don't fret if you can't make OPTs....basically 2 people in the EH can, so its no biggy :P

Squadron Update

Well as expected the squadrons have been on relatively low activity...Diamond's without a CMDR so its not had much happening, Sapphire's been slow though Emerald is about to set up some comps which will be good :)

Just a note to CMDRs, remember to submit your competitions through the DGM page!

House Competitions

Currently Running

King's of Tomorrow

Orbs of Power - Finishes Tomorrow - GET YOUR ENTRIES IN!

CrimsonAngel's Flying Competition


House Ludo Kressh Competition - Note: Due to Doom's transfer this may be renamed and transfered to #arcona

Concluded Competitions

None this week


Thats all for this week, have a happy new year everyone.

Vice Admiral, Sith Battlelord Xanos Goatham Zorrixor

CA:LO/VA Xanos Goatham Zorrixor/CA-11/SSSD Sovereign [Legionnaire]

GS/SS/BSx8/PCx5/ISMx17/MoI-BC/MoT-2rh-5gh/LoC-PSx33/DFC/MoC-1SoC 1GoC/CoS/CoL/CoB/LoA/OV-2E

SBL Xanos Goatham Zorrixor (Sith)/QUA/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow



{IWTA-SCC-SGK} [Officer-4th] [XA-A] [AoT-001]

"The Consul's Eyes"

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