Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report



Dark Warriors;

Jedi Hunter DarkHawk Reporting

Squadron Report #3

Fear is our ally, embrace it and all will bow before us.

Well another week has past us and it is time for a little R&R. Everything is down until 2 Jan 2002


With the holiday breaks coming nothing big has transpired. Hope that all had a great Christmas, and and even better new year. You monkeys don't get to drunk I will need you at your best after the breaks


"Design a bad Guy" competition: the design should include name, species (if applicable) and a little history detailing why they hate us so much or why they're our enemy. If you're designing a group, include things like their social/political/military structure, base of operations, etc. If you really feel like showing off, you can include graphics too. The best five overall will be selected for use as enemies and the creators will receive a Iron Star-Platinum Ribbon. There will also be a Iron Star-Gold Ribbon for the best Individual Graphic. Entries close on 1st January 2002.

Squadron Comp

I received a challenge from Commander X of Pendragon squadron in which I forward to all of you. I am accepting his challenge, and the mission to fly will be Free Tie 161. So get to your ships you bunch of drunks and lets kick ass in this thing. I realize this did not strat off well and someone finally made their mind up as to the mission but that is it warriors, so lets kick their asses! Here is what CMDR x had returned to me containg the details of the comp:

I have forwarded your mail to my troops and we will fly Free TIe 161. Just send me the details and rules when you can so I can get those out as well.

But from what I scene your proposal was fine. Look forward to a good match

and good luck to you all.

To you too.

As I said, the rules and the details are as follow. Tell me if you need some more informations:

About the rules, here's my proposals:

  • Time to fly the mission: Deadline the 1st of January

  • Judge: SW Halcyon.

  • Awarder: OBM Sterling.

  • System: For every Squad are averaged the Top 4 Submissions. The squad


the higher average wins. The top scorer Pilot gets a Dark Cross. Do you


  • Special Rule: If Pandragon wins and I am the Top Scorer Pilot, I'll give

my medal to the runner up. If Delphian wins and I am the Top Scorer, I'll

keep the medal for myself. Are you willing to do the same for your


If not, isn't a matter. I do it to incentivate activity for my squadron.

Good flying and good luck. May the better squadron win.

Commander "X" of Pandragon Squadron

Ace of Oriens Obscurum


Merit system

As you may know we have a merit system in the house. Basically you get different amount points for different activities and when you get enough pts you can exchange them for a medal. OK I think I have the merit system worked out. If my numbers are wrong please let me know so we can update them.

Activity Records : (+merit points are from the Clan Comp last month, 14 points for participating, 5 per pilot file, 3 per fiction sub, bonuses for scoring in top 6 overall)

CMDR (1-1) SW Adrenaline ( 68 + 14+5+5+1+1 = 94 )

FM (1-3) JH Gidda ( 132+ 14+5+5+5+3+2+1 = 167 )

FL (2-1) JH Ari ( 27 +14+5+5+3 = 54 )

FM (2-3) PRT Lirak Kalist

FM (2-4) TBA

FM (3-4) TBA

I still need to get some of the points updated because this is a total from a past report I will work on those totals this week and have a updated one in next report

House/inner clan comps:

*Base participation points (any participation at all): 8 points

*Submission of a pilot file: 5 points per platform (5 for TIE, 5 for XvT, 5 for XWA)

*Submission of graphics, fiction: 3 points per sub

*Multiplayer matches: 2 base points (whether you flew 1 match or 100) + 2 points for each victory.

Penalty for not taking part and not being excused: -15

Clan and DB lvl comps:

*Base participation points (any participation at -all-: 14 points

*Submission of a pilot file: 5 points per platform (5 for TIE, 5 for XvT, 5 for XWA)

*Submission of graphics, fiction and the like: 3 points per sub

*Multiplayer matches: 2 base points (whether you flew 1 match or 100) - 2 points for each victory.

extra points for quality (this only clan and DB wide comps):

*If you get 1st or 2nd place overall: 3 additional points/ 5 for DB wide comp.

*If you get 3rd or 4th place overall: 2 additional points/4 for DB wide comps.

*If you get 5th or 6th place overall: 1 additional point/3 for DB wide comps.

Penalty for not taking part and not being excused: -25

Other merit points awards

*Completion of an DB battle +1/mission

*Creation of a DB battle +35

*Creation of a DB mission +15

*Run-on story or submission (at least 2 paragraphs) +1

*Completing an Shadow Academy course +15

*Fun (e.g the come up with a line for this picture comp) comp submission +2

DC - 60 Merit pts

WC - 150 Merit pts

SC - 300 Merit pts

Activity Report

I apologize for this Gord had sent me the current status of merit points, but it was at my work address and I forgot to forward it here to home; I will have updated points by next report.

CMDR/JH DarkHawk:

Busy on IRC

Designed create a bad guy

Flying Free Tie 161

Flying Free Tie 106

Warrior Adrenaline:

Reported in

Jedi Hunter Ari:

Reported in

Jedi Hunter Gidda

Reported in

Flew Free Tie 161

Submitted Design a Bad Guy

Guardian Lirak Kalist

Not reported in

Protector Toran Dan

Reported in

I want to take a moment and wish all of you a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year, my son and I wish all you the best over the holidays. Look forward to a great new year with you all.


If anyone want to get a better looking ATR they are free to mail me every week with a list of everything they done (DB related of course) since there's things I might not know of. Good day to mail on is Saturdays since the report is going out on Sundays.

That's it for this week, tell me if I missed anything and it'll be corrected at once.

Jedi Hunter DarkHawk


Delphain Squadron

JH Dark Hawk (Sith)/CMDR/Galthain of Satal Keto {SA: CORE}

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