Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Battle Team Black Omega of Ronin

Squad Report #6

Squadron News

Dark greetings everyone !

The year is now over and I wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope you all got some nice presents on christmas, I got clothes :(.

SW Malik updated the roster and put all free Siths in Black Omega.

So it is time for an AWOL check, everybody of you have time until the 6th January to send me an email.

PRT Rekio Corsair changed the Clan and left us.


Play SP Missions or Battles.

Report in, and stay tuned.


Competition: Design a new Bad Guy:

Details under:

new Competition starts in January. Details will follow.

Also, don`t forget the DB Ladder !!!


PRT Frey Gallandro -> I was on IRC, completed SA Core

PRT Kamahl -> was on IRC

PRT Kahn -> no contact

PRT Ekim Yellek -> seen on IRC

DJK Mark -> no contact

ACO Maiko Spince -> seen on IRC Do the SA Core Course !!!!

PRT Logan Kale -> no contact

I know you all are alive, it would be fine when you can visit #Alvaak.

Squadron Status


PRT Rekio Corsair -> out to change Clan



Medals awarded


Current Roster

Battle Team Black Omega of Ronin

Commander: Protector Frey Gallandro ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Motto: Dont try, youve already lost !


Message Board:

Flight 1 – Tie Advanced

Nickname: Dark Raiders

Motto: The darkness is our weapon, when we strike against the light.

1-PRT Frey Gallandro

2-PRT Kamahl

3-PRT Khan


Flight 2 – Missile Boats

Nickname: Darkside Praetorians

Motto: Pains is Force Healed, Ensigns dig Jedi, and Dark Side Glory lasts forever.

1-PRT Ekim Yellek


3-DJK Marl


Flight 3 – Tie Defender

Nickname: Knights of Dark Order

Motto: The Few. The Powerful. The Dark Ones.


2-ACO Maiko Spince

3-PRT Logan Kale



PRT Frey Gallandro (Sith)/CMDR/Ronin of Alvaak {SA: CORE}

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